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This was in the dog area, so pardon the mess, LOL..

but here is Bellie and LG..we keep saying they have to have a wedding. cause she is the only girl that really likes LG

and just a cute shot of Halen..

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OMG Halen has a beauty mark!
That is too cute, and it looks as though the happy couple are trying to steal a dog biscuit.
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LOL yup he does. we think its so cute lol

And yes they did steal that puppy biscut and they still havent given it back...infact Bellie is right now sitting on it..like its an egg or something lol
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You picked the purrfect title for your thread. Awww!
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hehehe thanks...ooo i should post this too..

Halens sister Callie..she also has a beauty mark
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awwwwwwwwwwww i want to lie next to they! ......
the title of this thread can´t be other! .......sooooooo cuteness!
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hehehe thank you thank you that is the cutness i am around everyday
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I just love that little spot on his face!!!! AWWWWWW!!
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