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Which human is your favorite?

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This is so cute... we have four people in our house.... we have four cats. Each cat chose a favorite human. It goes like this.....

CJ loves my brother the most.

Billy loves my dad the most.

Mirah loves my mom the most.

Annie loves me the most.

CJ will let others pet her now and then, and maybe snuggle now and then, but she really likes my brother the most.

Though Billy will sleep by you sometimes, and let you give him "Billy rubs" he likes my dad the most, because my dad plays with him rough... the way Billy wants it.

Mirah will snuggle with just about anybody, but she tends to go to my mom more than anybody.

Annie... well, Annie's personality is strange. She lets me, and only me, hold, pet, or snuggle with her. Anyone else who trys to hold her, she squirms out... if someone else trys to pet her, she runs away.... if someone else trys to snuggle, she sleeps elsewhere. It's strange, but I think it's CUTE!

So, who's the favorite humans of your cats?
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My cats all love love me the most, but that's probably because I'm the only human they have.
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it really depends, he loves me the most during the day because thats the time im home and in the evening ben, he likes people but he doesnt like other people holding him.
Ben picks him up makes him lay on his back and he will sniffle him all over his belly and teufel absolutely loves that!
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I think that Dori loves us both the same. There are times when she insists on cuddling with me, usually first thing in the morning and the second I get home from work. But there are times that she loves being around my fiance. She will sit next to him for hours when he is on the computer. When he watches tv she lays on his chest and cuddles.
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker
My cats all love love me the most, but that's probably because I'm the only human they have.
Yeah, same here!! They don't have a choice!! Love me or don't get fed!!
Naw....I wouldn't really be THAT mean
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Originally Posted by coaster
Yeah, same here!! They don't have a choice!! Love me or don't get fed!!
Naw....I wouldn't really be THAT mean
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker
My cats all love love me the most, but that's probably because I'm the only human they have.
....I mean, the oposite, in home there exist only 1 Cat and 2 humans!.... ..
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Rosie and Sophie both love me the most but when my next door neighbour Matt comes in Rosies all over him, and the same goes for Matts brother James.

She's a real floozie with the men is Rosie

Sophie, well she goes to anyone!
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Grizzly isn't fussy she likes both of us equally!!
Bobber is supposed to me "Neil's" and she will jump on his lap 1st but will come to me when patted!!
Ox-is mine. Neil only tolerated him because he is old!!
Bakker sleeps by me and hangs out with me when I read in bed but if Neil is there he will jump on his lap (traitor!!)
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I'm for sure the "girls" favorite person. Pete favors anyone who opens a can of food!
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Emmy is my cat all the way.....follows me everywhere, sleeps with me, etc.
Samson is my son's son can get that cat to jump really high, he'll respond to my son calling him.

Now, here's something interesting.....Ranger is Samson's cat. Ranger doesn't really seem to like any of us humans, but with Samson, he seems more relaxed. Anyone else have a cat that takes more to another cat?
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Anyone else have a cat that takes more to another cat?
Yup. Pepsi is Ace's cat. She loves Shawn, but she is DEVOTED to Ace. Poor Ace.

She's a real floozie with the men is Rosie
I had a cat like that some time before I got married, Piglet. She loved me, but she would have loved me 100 times more if I had been a man. I ended up having to rehome her because I moved to a place that wouldn't allow pets. She was SOOO happy because I found a home for her with a single guy. (A few years later I moved again and asked him if he wanted to give her back. He said no way. So that was a good thing. )
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Joey is my little cat, for sure.
JC belongs to my daughter Nat (his decision- one that her cat Christy isn't happy with);
Cinder Cone is the family cat, and hangs out with whoever she's in the mood for;
Icy is my grandson's cat, & he lives in San Diego, so she visits whomever, till he comes on vacation - then it's follow him everywhere, sleep next to his pillow;
Sandie likes me best, but Joey won't let her have much time with me - I sure wish that we had found her owners because she needs more attention that I give even my own cats (she needs assurance & lots of petting, etc. - my crew follows me wherever I go, but they prefer to just watch me work while they "do their own thing" - companionable, but independent)
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Both Jasper and Tia prefer me, but will go to hubby for pets and Tia will snuggle with hubby, but spends more time with me. Jasper will also go to hubby for pets and sometimes to Alex as well but 95% of the time he is with me, hanging out. :-)
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i think ive begun to realize that oscar wants me whenever courtney is not home. he will follow me around and lay on for hours when i get home from work. but as soon as courtney come shome he leaves me alone. i think he doesnt want courtney to know that he likes me. hes a little jerk.
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Even though Sammy is technically "my" cat, he loves my boyfriend the most.
And even though Lola is technically Pete's cat, she loves me the most.
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Limerick LOVES my boyfriend Jon. He made a surprise visit last week. Limerick came running down stairs when he heard his voice. It was soo cute!!!!
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Holly, Sophie & Bridget love me the most.

Benja & Muffin love Mum the most.

Elmo loves us equally but since Mum feeds him most of the time. He's normally sucking up to her.
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Tailer likes my husband best. Unless it's storming and he's afraid...then he comes running to meowmy!

Forest likes me doubt about it!

Harvey is equal-opportunity. He likes both of us, though he tends to be more skittish with me sometimes.
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Honestly, Garfield and Festus love my 9 y/o dd best. They sleep with her, and cuddle with her. Garfield lays next to her at night, sucks on the fur of her toy horse, and "makes" her pet him while he nurses. (Her words!) They also love me and 5 y/o ds...but they spend the most time with the 9 y/o!

Outside boy Will loves everyone. He even greets visitors, walks them to the door, talking the whole time. But he loves me most, especially when I am cooking on the grill.
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Patches.... Likes my housemate. Tiger.....Likes me.
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My cats all love me the most, but Sashka is pretty in love with my Mum cos she lived there for six months while I was in between houses.

She also gives Maxey lots of cuddles but they have been my cats much longer than I've been living with him so I'm their favourite. Especially Sunday - she is really my girl!

His cat Princess worships him more than anything I've seen, though. It's amazing!
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Elliot loves me teh most out of anyone.

Aerowyn loves me the most out of anyone...... until..... someone else touches her!!!! Expecially her neck! You give her a neck rub and she will be your friend forever. She has a fetish when it comes to neck rubs.
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I'm JJ's best pal he likes my hubby and has the odd snuggle fest with him but he is his mummys boy but then I'm the one who feeds him gotta keep in good with the can opener hey
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Chloe loves me more. Iris loves both of us about the same, but maybe her papa a bit more.
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