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hi all, i have a 14 month old male maine coon with very fine fur that seems to keep growing longer every week. he seems to get a lot of matting under his armpits which at times seem to develope overnight. matts elsewhere aren't so common. he spends lots of time outside during the day so picks up a fair amount of garden material that often forms the pearl of the matting. other times it seems just getting wet is enough to make matts form (he often gets quite soaked because he's oblivious to the wet).

my question is does cutting the matting out with scissors (then brushing the remaining fur) actually increase the likelihood of the fur matting again, perhaps because of leaving blunt ends on the hairs? is it better for the fur, and minimising the re-matting, if i only use a brush?

at the rate he developes substantial matting brushing each one out seems impracticable and he is sufficiently well behaved to not mind holding still for me to cut them out. any advice much appreciated.