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All socialized and in her new home now!
I miss the little booger. I wish it was not so hard to say goodbye!

She went to live with a woman who is a cancer survivor and has no family with her or other pets. Scooter is now called Mitzie and will be the queen of the house.
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Great job Deb! that sounds like the perfect pairing! My heart goes out to the cancer survivor who has no family with her. Luckily now she has little scooter/mitzi

thanks for the happy ending
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I am sure Scooter will be loved and cherished in her new home.

Bravo to you for helping the lady and Scooter both by caring for Scooter and then letting her go.
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Thanks...... I know she will be fine. I just want to win the lottery so I can keep them ALL !
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