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Time running out for pets of deployed military!

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Please take a few minutes & consider any possibilities for these pets and the good people who want to help them so very much! Maybe if we get the word out, magic will happen!

"These 2 Georgia Animal Shelters are inudated with homeless pets due to Soldier's from Fort Stewart deploying to overseas. If you can be of help to them with adoption or a foster homes please contact them directly. Their websites are full of soldier's pets in need of foster or adoptive homes.
Liberty County Humane Shelter - Hinesville, GA
Phone: 912-876-3647
Email: libertyshelter@yahoo.com

Southern Comfort Animal Rescue - Savannah, GA
Phone: 912-238-9622
Email: GUSLOVDOGS@comcast.net "
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OOPS! I didn't get the rest of the site posted: here it is! Thanks!
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Does Georgia have a program similar to "Pets of Patriots" in Hawaii?

I'm sorry to hear that Georgia's Humane Society is getting innundated by pets due to deployed military...it's a tough situation.
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Yes, it seems that they have several groups like that listed on the bottom of their page. I feel so bad that our servicepeople may have to have their pets PTS when their owners go off to serve our country. something seems terribly wrong with that!! Maybe the President could mention that in his next speech, to remind people to do the patriotic thing & open their hearts & homes to foster a military pet. With all the new housing being built all over the country, and the average sq.footage of new houses being so much bigger than ever before, it seems that there oughta be extra room for cats & dogs, too!
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I just signed up on www.operationnoblefoster.org!!!!
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I signed up last week at that site too!
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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Tracey and Gail!! My parents also signed up and my sister plans to as well, for dogs, anyway. I am currently having major remodeling done, and am having trouble containing my cats (in fact Icy has been missing for a week now with no clue, but an owl or coyote is the most likely answer but I hope to be able to offer a place as well, soon, for a cat or two. It is just so frustrating to know the risk for these pets....
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Aw I wish I could help out..
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I was thinking of not only the cats but the soldiers too - giving so much of themselves - they shouldn't have to give up a loved one too.
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That problem that you're mentioning is happening at one of the bases I work at (Ft. Stewart). The local news has run a few stories about the problem, but the numbers keep mounting .
I'd really like to see our local animal rescue groups/humane society become more stringent with their adoption policies and REALLY grill the military families on what they will do with their pet should they deploy. If they do not have a concrete family/place to take care of the pet during the deployment at the time of the adoption, then they should not be allowed to adopt the pet. Strict? Maybe, but it could also help alleviate this problem facing those poor animals.
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I agree with you. Hear we only have the natl guards deploying so mention of pets in the articles but I might email the local newpaper to investigate this though.
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