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NEED "you can do it!" Vibes

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Since Panther (new boy on in my home came down with the Calici virus I have been told my others need to be boosterd. I am terrified to have regular shots as I already lost my VAS (vaccine associated <CAUSED> sarcoma <cancersous tumors>) cat so I spent the WHOLE morning calling to find a vet who will do the intranasal vacs.

I finally found one 2 hours away and the 4 of us go tomorrow BUT I do not se well - especially street signs, so I am terrified of getting lost.

Will you think good vibes for me! I REALLY am scared!
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oh, best luck! sending good vibes!
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Yes, Heidi, plenty of good vibes & travelling mercies, esp. since you will have a full crew in tow!! I wish that I were closer, to go with you, I'm known for getting lost & unlost, since I love to travel (the family joke this year is when I got lost twice in Moreno Valley- the first time with my hubby, the 2nd driving my mom & aunts to a family reunion in Temecula - the 2nd time I cried out, "Hey, this isn't the 215, it's the 10 East- I know, I was lost here already!) but, like you, don't maneuver city steets so well. Maybe you could ask the receptionist for some landmarks, & stuff liike that. I admire your dedication to be willing to do this trip just to take care of your babies. my human daughter had a bad reaction to a vaccine when she was a toddler, so I really appreciate your concerns...Hugs & prayers, Susan
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Good vibes for you!
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Good vibes comming your way hope all goes well
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Good vibes coming your way!
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Here's another dose of "you can do it!" vibes coming your way!! And a BIG DOSE of "calm vibes" too! And a little travel-angel to ride with the kitties, so they sit calmly in their carriers Let us know how it goes today, adventures & all! You'll be in my thoughts & prayers, Susan
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Oh My.. you has my thougths and sending (((((((good vibes)))))) too!
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Good luck with the 4 cats-last year I took all 4 in on one day-it was only 15 min away but still 4!!!
Did you Mapquest your journey???????
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Sending "YOU CAN DO IT" vibes and also saying a prayer for safety for you and your cats during the trip there and back, and for calmness and peace for you. Best wishes and cyber hugs.
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Thanks for the GOOD VIBES! We DID it BUT I got lost so many times! I started out getting lost first turnoff but realized it and retrased my steps and was fine, except it took time.

Then JUST at the end I could not find the street. I must have passed it and could NOt find a way to turn around and go back. I stopped at least 4 different people and each time I ended up going south instead of north. I KNOW figure the North sign must always be AFTER the south but I called my SIL who lives near there and sHE refused to come help so I finally followed a poor guy who was tying to park his car. I got right up next to him (after following him, honking the horn, and waving at him! Think I scared the daylights out of him as he sat in his car for awhile and rolled up the window, before he got the courage to get out :. HE finally told me how to get back where I needed to be and the kind Vet took us late with no fuss!

NEXT time I am getting a better map than the yahoo one! <sigh>

Anyway THANKS again!
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SO glad to hear that it turned out ok and you got back safely. As far as driving directions go, you could try CSAA next time, just a thought. :-)
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Heidi, I am very sorry I didn't read this thread yesterday! Glad to hear you did make it to the vet and back home safely!
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HOORAY!! Glad to hear the good vibes & prayers worked! Yup, you got lost & unlost, just like I do!! That poor guy! I've done the same thing to people before - I feel so sorry for them, imagine living like that But, what's up with the SIL?? Giving driving directions are just common courtesy, IMO. I am glad that it wasn't the foggy time of year - Central Valley fog is just the worst!! Thanks for letting us know how it turned out! Susan
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It's over, and you can take a deep breath and relax. It must be good to know the kitties are done, and safely.
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