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Please help

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I have this stray inside that ran in and had kittens. Well a local no kill shelter is going to help me by getting her and the babies fixed. Well in the meantime I have to leave her inside because she could go in heat and I don't want another set of litter in here considering its not my cat. Well I had posted before when I had went out of town I came back and there was either the number 1 or 2 on my bedspread, I thought it was because I was gone and they were here with my mom. well today my husband comes home and sets on the bed and guess what he sets in? Number 2. Well I cleaned it and washed it. Then not 30 minutes later there it was number 2 on the couch. The litter box is clean. So its not that, Nothing has changed but... the momma kitty that is a stray. i call her puzzle. Had been trying to run out side and when she does go out I go running after her. She got out 2 tomes today and I got her before she got of the porch. Could this be from her and she is most likely in heat? or mad because I would let her out so she is going every where that I set. Please let me know what you think. I called the vet and they are suppose to get back with along with the no kill shelter on getting her fixed.
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I'm assuming you already had another cat or cats in your house when you brought the stray mom and her kittens inside. You're smart to keep her indoors until she's been spayed, but make sure to keep her and the kittens separated from your cats. Cats will only poop and pee outside their box if :

-the box is very dirty and needs cleaning
-there was some traumatic episode associated with the litter box and the cat is afraid of it now
-the cat is upset by a big change in the household - (it could be one of your cats reacting to the newcomer)
-the cat is ill. It's very important to make sure you rule out any medical problems first.

The stray mom could very well be doing her business outside the litter box because she is scared. She could also be in heat but I doubt that's the cause of her "accidents".

Try to keep her and the kittens in a small room that they can have to themselves, if possible. Put at least two litterboxes in with her, and use plain, unscented litter. Leave a radio on low, playing soft music to help calm her. Speak softly to her when you come in the room, and move slowly and quietly.

You are doing a wonderful thing for her and her babies, and I'm very glad that you found a no-kill shelter to help you. It seems you will release her after she's spayed. Remember to keep her inside after the spay for several days at least; a week is even better. This will give her time to heal and if she does have any problems, you'll be able to help her. Will you be able to continue to feed her and offer shelter once she's back outdoors?

Thanks again for all you're doing!
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Thanks for your reply. The shelter is going to look at her when she goes to get fixed to rule out medical. I am going to take care of her and provide her shelter. I have a real problem with getting attached so i have like 7 cats outside I feed until the shleter can come get them. 3 out of the 7 will not let me touch them so I am working on that. This mother cat was born last year around this time I seen her as a kitten. So I know she had never used the litter box before. When i first brought her in she went on the floor. I guess cause she never knew but she seems to go now. Shes the first one in there when I clean it and its normally within 1 minute But She seems to be doing better today except for the begging to go out. Its funny because during the winter I would try all night and get no sleep to get her to come in. She was young and I worried the snow ould cover her. She never would come in and then the day she had her kittens was the first day she allowed me to touch her and come in. She ran in while the door was open and didn' t make 8 feet before a baby was born, I have had her and the kittens in since. I am attached to them. But I have been giving the pep talks about when they go to a new home and stuff. Thanks for your reply. I hope she does not have this accident again
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I'm assuming it's the stray that's the doing their business outside the litterbox? If so, is she already littertrained? If she's been a stray all her life, she might not know to use the litterbox. Sorry if I got my information wrong.

Okay...just read your last post....am I to take it she's been using the litterbox and now suddenly quit? If that's the case, than I totally agree with KTLynn.
Good luck to you, and I also think it's a great thing you're doing for this kitty!
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I when I first got my cat,she would pee or poop in the litter box.I called the vet and he susgest that I change the litter and where the cat was peeing that wash up and use a different scent.....it worked like a charm

also I know that kittys do like there own box and not like sharing with other strange cat
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well I spoke to soon earlier when I said she was doing well today. You know how you set at a certain place on the couch? Well she has went to the bathroom yesterday and today now. Also on my side of the bed. I think shes mad because I won't let her outside and shes getting mad and trying to do pay back. She was crying to go outside earlier. I ignored here 10 minutes later go out and there it is. Its not like she has not used the litter box these past two months up until then she had never seen one. Thanks guys for everything. Hope this stops. My husband says if she keeps doing it shes going out. He won't make the kittens but I got to her fixed and I want her in here to keep the company until they find new homes. I have to give it to her she had not went out in 2 months until recently been trying. Before couldn't get her in for nothing
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I just noticed she is putting her butt on the floor and scooting across the floor. kind of like a dog does when there butt itches. never seen a cat do it?
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The butt-scooting is most likely due to her anal glands. It isn't as common a problem in cats as it is in dogs, but I have a cat too who used to be troubled with that. If it's anal glands, and not parasites (worms), the vet can express, or empty them and that will stop the scooting.

The mom cat could be in heat again - how much longer til you can get her spayed?
Is there any way you can keep her and the kittens isolated in a small room to prevent anymore accidents on your bed or couch?

You're very kind to care for all the homeless kitties that have shown up at your door. I'm surprised the shelter comes out to get them - most do not have the time or the people available to do that. If possible, you should borrow a humane trap from them; they'll show you how to use it, and you can trap the ones you can't touch. Those cats are probably feral and it could be a very long time, if ever, until you're able to touch them.

In the meantime, they will be getting pregnant and you'll have a never-ending supply of kittens, which obviously will be a big drain on your finances and probably your husband's patience! I strongly recommend you don't wait, and begin trapping ASAP.

I'm so happy to hear that you'll be able to provide a shelter for mom cat once she's spayed and back outdoors. Seems you'll have to put a few more shelters out there for the others, as well.

Cats are very smart- they know where the kindest people are!
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Thanks for all the information. I am going to find a trap and see if I can catch the other. I have cats all my life just never pregnant ones. Except for my siamese and she was not suppose to be able to get pregnant yet. She was to young. Oneday took her to the vet and they said she was pregnant but to small to carry So they had to abort them and fix them. They said I could try to deliever but it was not worth losing her. She was only 3 months old. So I never really seen her in heat or had kittens around. I appreciate everyones help with this. Thanks!!!!!!!!
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Try putting potting soil in the litterbox as that's probably what she's used to going on.
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All the behaviour you describe could be due to worms or an infection. I would get her checked as soon as possible for both.
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Thanks to everyone for advice. I will be contacting the vet.
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