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Does anybody here knit? Besides me, I mean.

I have misplaced 2 favorite patterns and have some questions, but there's not point posting them if there's no chance any of you has them, or at least could help me find new copies.

I'm having the hardest time typing this because Mr. Parkers (Sparky) is insisting on climbing all over my hands as I type and laying on my right arm from wrist to elbow. It's always flattering to be loved by a cat!
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I used to knit a long time ago, now I crochet. But I do have a couple of knitting patterns laying around... I can look through them.

I think we all know what it's like to try to type a post with the assistance of a cat. Fun, isn't it? I'm usually trying to read the screen while looking around Spawn's butt. Ironic how she NEVER faces me.
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The knitting gene in my family went with my grandmother. I do cross stitch when I have the time, which is never.
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You can go here and join, it's free, but you just have to register before you can get to the forum

knitters forum
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I'm gonna check that out, Hissy, I'm just having bad luck with forums. These are patterns I own, and I expect to replace one because it is damaged but I was hoping someone would be kind and e-mail me the other, but I got rather snappy answers instead.

The one I need to replace is for a vest knitted with rather expensive novelty yarns. It's done in mitered-corner squares, that is, you start at the outside of the square and make a decrease in the center so that the colors make stripes along one side and the bottom. If I could think of the designer's name I could probably find the pattern, because she did a whole bunch of patterns based on that square.

The one I was hoping someone could send me is from a book called "Knitting in Plain English" I think by Maggie Rigghetti. She takes the reader through a series of lessons but at the end you have actual items, two of which are a baby sweater and hat. I used to make the sweater all the time for other people's kids (cheap baby gift when you're in college, less than $5 for yarn at the time and about 2 weeks free time, and everyone is so impressed) but I put the book in storage when I came to Texas and now I can't find which box it's in. (I have 13 cartons of just books, plus assorted loose books packed in other cartons, not to mention probably another 6 or 8 cartons of books that I have on shelves for easy access - yes, I read a LOT and I don't usually throw them out when I'm done.)

Anyway, I need just basic info, like how many to cast on, when to split for the arms (it's top down and raglan sleeved), and decreases for the sleeves. But the other knitters pretty much keep telling me to buy the book again (I don't have the $20 to do that right now) or get it from the ibrary, except my library claims not to have it. I'd like to have the hat too, but I have plenty of other hat patterns so it's not a big deal. Nobody really knits in TX so there just isn't all this info floating around out there. I just kind of resent the implication that I'm somehow trying to trick people into sending me a pattern that I don't own (like trying to get someone to send you a tape of an album you don't own, I guess).

Sorry, just venting.
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But you could go here and email one of these people who have this book and see if they can help you? Sorry, my mother and grandmother are wonderful knitters and it frustrated them to no end that none of us three girls ever picked up the bug! I wish I could help you beyond this- good luck

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Hi Sunlion!! I have just starting knitting again... I used to do it when I was little but hadn't done it for ages!! I just started again practising my Pearl stitch and just plain old Knit stitch!! I got started alright - but I couldn't remember for the life of me how to cast off - so I just kept going!! ha ah aha ha:laughing: anyway... I figured it out and now Im making a ... uh... um.... square thing!! ha ha haha... sorry I don't follow patterns - I just make it up as I go along!
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Hey, I make those square things all the time. I make them from cotton yarn (Sugar'n'Cream is most common over here) and call them "dishrags". It's code for "I knitted this without a pattern because I could do it without paying much attention while watching tv and now I need to call it something". :LOL:
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Aha!! Good idea!! I have called some of my more rectangular looking pieces "bookmarks" and I've also called one a "mini cat blanket" - being a small piece of knitting with special "air holes" (NOT where I've dropped a stitch of course... they are MEANT to be there!!!) in it to keep the cats cool when sleeping on it!! ha ha ha ha (never mind the fact that the cat can only fit one butt cheek on it... )
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