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New to the forum and new cat owner

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Hi All, I just joined TCS yesterday. This is my first time for owning felines as my family members were not fans of cats, so we had dogs instead. I wanted a cat so since I've been living on my own with my boyfriend for a couple of years now, we decided to go ahead and get a kitten. Well after some research and opinions from others, we decided to get two kittens so that we would not have one lonely kitten at home while we're at work.

We've had Jasmine and Sammy (siblings) for 3 weeks now, and they just turned 3 months old yesterday. Their mama was himalayan, and we do not know about the father other than that he is black. We are enjoying them every day and we've learned that to own kittens, you have to think like a kitten in terms of kitty-proofing, haha.

My boyfriend has grown up with cats, but like I said, I'm raising my first kittens so any advice that all of you new and veteran cat owners.

Looking forward to many cat discussions with you all.

New poster and new cat "mommy"
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Hi and welcome to TCS! You'll have a great time here we're all cat (and other animal) nuts!

Great idea to get two kitties - they will certainly give each other (and you) HOURS of entertainment, and there has been a lot of research to suggest that two kitties are generally much happier and healthier, and live longer, than one alone.

You will learn a lot, and very quickly, from them - and if you ever need any advice on anything there are heaps and heaps of people here who are very knowledgeable who will be able to help you with whatever you need.

Hopefully you'll be able to post some pics of your babies for us all to get a look at!

Have fun - look forward to hearing more from you and Jasmine and Sammy.

Sarah, Sashka, Cairo, Sunday, Princess, Mena and Ruby!
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Thank you! I am excited and I will definitely be posting pictures of my babies. I am a very proud mom. I'm so in love with these kittens. My boyfriend's mom told me that once you own a cat, you will want to own one for the rest of your life. I'm very thankful for my digital camera, it has gotten a lot of use in the last 3 weeks with my kittens. I take pictures almost every day.....they're growing so fast that I'll need these to remember the days when they weighed two pounds! Jasmine is sitting on my lap as I type.
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That is certainly true - I started with one and now have five!!

There is a great quote from Ernest Hemingway - `One cat just leads to another...'

So true, so true...

It looks like you may have fallen into the great cat-trap - once a victim you will never be free!!
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Hi and Welcome!
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hi and welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hello and welcome!!!
Can't wait to see pics of your babies!!

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Hi and welcome to TCS! You're going to love it here!
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Welcome to TCS! Congratulations on your new furbabies!! I am so excited for you! Cats are such a delight! Beware, this site is addicting - but in an awesome way! See ya in the forums! Susan
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Congrats on the new babies! Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS

how marvellous that you have adopted 2 kitties

you most certainly will be addicted to kitties for life now - that I can promise you
No wonder you have taken loads of photos - cant wait to see what they look like. Make sure you start their own special thread in the fur pictures forum so we can all see them

ask any questions you have - we have all been there before and you will find that we are all friendly here and will help as much as we can

looking forward to getting to know you - your going to love it here!!!

welcome again from me and my boys
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welcome to TCS!
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My kittens are the same age as yours, great fun aren't they? Can't wait to see piccies too
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