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I dont know if this has been started yet .. but .. Id love mushy stories! I guess I can start with a few.

Lets see ... First off .. Foley, our 3 year old grey and white, was in a rescue center in Ft. Walton Beach, FL where we lived at the time. I wanted a cat, a baby if you will (not knowing Then that I was pregnant with our first ) and pesterd hubby into getting me one. We looked and looked and he fell in love with one of those 6 toed "Hemmingway" cats. The lil dear was not .. well .. friendly, more interested in .. anything BUT people. Our friend Kyle ( seen here:
as the big and burly guy) was in love with this super fluffy, way 'girly' white cat. They swooned over their finds (men are SO odd! lol). We agreed they werent just right and began to leave when the lady said there were a few more in back that needed some 'fixing up'.
There was Foley. Super tiny. Could fit into my overalls front pocket. Had a bit of ringworm(?) on his ear. We pet him and whatnot and put him back in his lil cage. HOWEVER. When I turned to leave .. he reached through the bars, grabbed my shirt with his claws and mew'd soooo hard as if to say.. "NOOO. Dont GOOOO!" Well. He came home with us 5 minutes later.

One more story - not Quite so long. Foley came home with us. At the time, newlyweds and all poor - we slept on an air mattress. Easy 'prey' for Foley. He was SO pestersome! He just HAD to sleep with us! So. Sleep with us he did. And this is how - he would wrap his tiny body around one of our necks. BUT he HAD to touch his nose to the wrap-e's nose. SO cute - but not much fun if your tired. He still to this day just MUST sleep with us, just not around our necks ..