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I'm afraid to say

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I think Hannah, my exclusive outdoor kitty that hates everyone and everything is gone. She hasn't been seen for two weeks which is highly unusual. She was 8 years old which, I believe, is the norm for unprotected outside kittys. I dont allow my current kittys to be outside, she was the uneducated, on my part, exception. Now I believe she paid the ultimate price. As a senior to be, she probably let her defenses down and was killed by something. I dont think I will ever know.

I cant goto the bridge yet because I really dont know but I have a feeling that I will be there soon.
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That is something I hate about outside cats. It is so hard to know what to think if they are missing. I lost two barn cats last summer, and am not sure what happened. They weren't even friends with each other-so why would they both disappear together?

I have lost one outside feral this year, I think the raccoons got her. I wish there was a way to fence in an acre or two, to make a huge cat cage for these wild guys who won't be housecats!

I sure hope Hannah comes home and gives you some peace of mind soon!
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I had an outdoor cat - very unfriendly untill about .. well 8 or 9 .. he became old and sick - 8 isnt all That old for a cat .. but he was - and one day he went out and .. that was 3 years ago .. we always wonder. Mom said they sometimes just go off to die sometimes. I really hope thats not the case.
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I'm hoping she shows up. But I know that not knowing is the worst. When I was right out of college, my live-in boyfriend and I had a stray cat adopt us. She was a beautiful tabby and white girl we named Skitters. We vaccinated her and got her dewormed (it was my experience with her that taught me about tapeworms). I was doing a long commute and my boyfriend and I were pretty much over with so I move closer to work. Of course, she would stay with the boyfriend. About a week after I moved out, he said that she just disappeared. Never knew what happened. After her, all my cats are strictly indoors and I'm very protective of them.

I will have the both of you in my prayers and thoughts tonight. You're not alone in this.
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I hate that feeling!! I had this hunch when my Miss Tobie went outside & didn't ever return. It was in the middle of the afternoon, so all I can suspect is a hawk; she was a good 12-13 lbs. It's the not knowing that is so rough - sometimes a bird will make a call similar to her mew & my heart leaps up, only to come crashing down...
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my parents' next door neighbors went through the same thing with their cat. it apparently got tired of the new cat in the family (a mean bugger that was a gift to one of their daughters and she couldn't keep.) since it was a pretty senior cat, they thought she had just gone off to find a peaceful place to leave this earth. a few months later my mother was visiting some friends that live about 2 miles away and they started telling her about this "stray" they had been taking care of (feeding, vet care, etc.) turns out it was the neighbors' cat. they tried returning it once they found out who it belonged to, but a few weeks later she left again and took up residence at my mom's friend's place. she has to be at least 16 or 17 now.

i hope your girl has not come to any harm and that she finds her way home to you, but unfortunately those kind of happy endings seem to be rare. my heart goes out to you.
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I've had a few strays pass though over the years. One I think was fairly old I let her in the house we ate and slept most of the time but one day wanted to go back outside. I never saw her again. I always thought perhaps she wanted to enjoy companionship of humans for a few days before she went to die. She came along at a low point for me perhaps she had stopped for a purpose as I had never seen her before.
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