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LAvender, if you can, check her nipples on a monthly basis, and if you notice the slightest change, get her to the vets asap, as they can remove the 'strips', although i would use a different vet if i were you, yours sounds rather expensive. Also, the normal age for mammary cancer is 10.
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I use all words, fixed, spayed, neutered, because i have lived in alot of places that use different terms, and don't see the harm in any of it. desexed sounds funny though, we are not actualy changing the sex of our cats are we, heehee. i thnk whatever term anyone uses is fine, we all know what the other means. all my cats but one is fixed, but she is going in this month.
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All four of our girls have been spayed.

The only one we ever saw go into heat was Lily - what a stress that put on her poor body. We certainly didn't want any of our kitties to go through that if they were not going to breed.
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i voted yes but Jupiter hasnt been done yet. he's going in on the 18th...
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petnurse and booktigger, just to let you know, that was the estimate I got from every single vet in town (about 6 of them) as well as my parents vet back home. She had an umbilical hernia to correct as well, which drove up the price, and it costs more to spay an adult female than a kitten (more anesthetic, higher risk, bigger organs, etc). I ended up going for my parents vet at home, since their estimate included the laser surgery for the price others were estimating for scalpel, and she had a weaker system, i didn't want to take any risks

Oh and thank you booktigger for the tip, I'll definatley keep my eyes open!
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With the hernia too, that would make a more sense, but for just a spay that would be outrageous. We charge maximum for an adult cat $120.00 for a spay and maybe another $100.00 for the hernia.
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Oh right. I am 99% sure my vets dont charge more to spay an adult cat than a kitten.
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All of my cats/dogs are fixed. Nothing is worse than a female cat in heat! That in itself is a good enough reason to get them fixed! And female dogs in heat attract males, so there's a good reason there. And Lucky was peeing all over the place, THAT had to stop! And it did, within 2 weeks of his snip! I don't want kittens or puppies, so getting them fixed is a MUST! Not to mention, healthier for them. A few less things to get cancer in.

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kittens are cute, but if i want another one i'll go to the shelter or an adoption clinic. since our kitties aren't purebred by any means and i'm not planning on starting a breeding business, all of my cats, present and future are and will be fixed.
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1 is and 1 is going to get spayed
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sone to be she is preg now so wan she has the kittens than we will get her fixd.
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He was fixed when I got him.
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Here in NZ it is roughly $40 for a neuter and $70 for a spay.

Converted into US currency that is:

$27.97 for a neuter and $48.95 for a spay

:censor::censor::censor: your vets are you charging you guys more then $50???????????????????
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Kitty((yes thats my kitty's name)) is spayed and i am quit happy((the meow she does when she is in heat is awful(lol) you can hear it all the way from upstairs) I think she is happy too
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I have no "kittens" -- mine are 3, 6, 12, 12, 13 & 14. They've all been spayed or neutered for a long time!

It's much healthier!
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Yes Limerick's neutered. We always neuter our pets. It's healthier for them in many respects. You don't have to worry about them wondering away and they tend to be less agressive. No there will never be another cat or dog like them, we can love them especially for that reason.
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Definitely yes as I always have my cats fixed as its important to the cat as well as yourself as it prevents unwanted pregnancies in female cats as spaying them will prevent them from going in heat and trust me female cats in heat are very noisy. It prevents unwanted litters and for male cats it stops spraying as they tend to mark their territories.

I approve cats in getting spayed and neutered as I volunteer at a local shelter and there were lots of cats and kittens in there today. Almost all the cages were full. Its awful.
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