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My kitty (Gizmo) has a bit of a small problem. For some reason instead of going to his litter box sometimes he decides to use the bathroom on the beds. I have tried to use the spray stuff that is supposed to keep cats away from certain places but it didn't work. Any advice?
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Ok, I'm the farthest thing from an expert, but I do know from hanging around here and reading the boards, that the first question is,

has kitty been checked out by a vet? It could be an urinary track infection, and Gizmo is trying to tell you something is wrong.

If he is in perfect health, I'm at a loss, but luckily others here aren't!
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he has been to the vet and is healthy. thanks for your reply!
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If they have ruled out a urinary tract infection then the next guess would be that the litter box is not to Gizmo's liking, so you can try cleaning more often, gradually switch to a different litter or add another box. The other could be that the smell is still there. I would try an odor neutralizer such as Nok-out.(www.nok-out.com) and then put a plastic cover on the matress. Last is Gizmo could be upset about something. Had anything changed before the behavior started?
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that if the box is covered, try uncovering it, and even though you only have one cat, try getting a second box and using it as well.
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