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Hello there.

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Hi my name is ChiChi.

I made a few posts but I never had a proper introduction. I am a kitten, about 4 months old, I like to play a lot with pretty much everything I find. But I do get bored easily. I am white and grey and a little fluffy. when my mom comes home she usually picks me up and pets me for a little bit and I am so happy to see her. But usually I just run away, c'mon I am energetic and like to run around, not be sappy all the time. Except for when I'm sleepy of course.

My mom was asking me if I wanted a friend kitty to play with but since I can't speak human and she can't speak cat we couldn't really discuss that. I tried to tell her, sure, let's go for it. I'm open to try it out and see if I like this guy, you know chemistry is important to us, kitties as well. I don't know if I'm gonna like him but I'll check him out. Today I am getting spayed though... She put me in a carrier this morning and we drove some where far away... What's going to happen to me???

Oh well, it's nice to meet all of you here, I like this site...
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!
nicely pic´s of your kitts!
You nick is original too!
see you on the forums!
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Hi and Welcome very cute
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Welcome ChiChi!

It's fabulous that you're able to type at such a young age. Most kittens don't aquire this skill until they're at least a year old.

Have you thought about sending your mom an email about wanting a friend kitty?
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Hi and Welcome!
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Hello and welcome!!!
Chi Chi you're such a cutie!!

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Hi Chi Chi! You sure are a cutie pie! It sounds like you are being a very brave girl about getting spayed. Don't worry, sweetie, everything will be OK. I'm sending you good vibes. Welcome to TCS!!
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Aww! Thank you so much people,

What a nice forum. I feel so welcome...

Yeah I was spayed yesterday and I felt a bit under the weather but I am better now. See you all around...
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Welcome Chi Chi!
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Chi Chi is sooo cute! I hope she is feeling better now! Welcome!
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Welcome to TCS ChiChi

hope your feeling better after your spay - in no time at all you will be up and running around again - I PROMISE!!!

and a new kitty huh? I think its a marvellous idea you will be best of friends in no time

looking forward to hearing all about it
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