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Loud Mouth

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My cat loves to go outside, but the problem is that when he is allowed to go out he always leaves for 2-3 days. I try to keep him inside because I worry about him when he's gone. He hates it inside though. He sits by the door and meows really loud. He does this for as long as it takes for someone to get annoyed enough to put him outside. I don't know what to do. Either to let him go out and risk him getting hit by a car or something or leave him in the house and listen to his crying.
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does he have a playmate?? is someone home during the day?? can you make a cat proof enclousure for outside time..??
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Eventually he'll stop if you NEVER give in.
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Is he neutered?

I agree with Coaster, he's learning that if he keeps it up for long enough, someone will give in and let him out. that's not much incentive to stop!
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Some people walk their cats outside with a leash and harness and their cats seem to enjoy it. It takes training though. You may try that to spare your ears, but unless you can build an outdoor enclosure for him, then it seems you will have to endure his noise until he learns that you will not give him what he wants. Perhaps you could try distracting him with his favorite toy when he starts howling at the door. Sometimes you can eliminate an undesired behavior through redirection.
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