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I'm Obsessed! : )

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Now we are on day 66 and still NOTHING - NADA - NO KITTENS~!

I think she lost her mucus plus last Tuesday - saw some white thick discharge but nothing since. No milk, no nesting, still eating, no extra trips to the litter box, just a big fat cat! LOL

I call home a few times a day just to check on the cat! I can see and feel kittens moving around her belly and she's terpermental too (scratched my daughter across the eye yesterday).

The waiting is making me CRAZY!
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My siamese went to 70. Pregnancy can last up to 72 days. If you can see the kittens moving inside they should be fine. Make sure that you talk to your vet if she dosent have them soon. Are you sure of the conception date? Is she a domestic cat or a specialized breed? I know that siamese and orientals are known for their late pregnancies.
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could even be a false pregnancy, although my bengal went to 68 days on her last litter
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