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Anyone have an answer for cat's problem? Help!!

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My 9 year old cat had grown to 26 pounds then within 10 months dropped to 13 pounds. The vets can't figure it out. I didn't change feeding. The cat has always had a tendency to vomit. He's taken to urinating and deficating anywhere he pleases. The vet is suggesting behavioral drugs. Has anyone had their cat on drugs or had similar experience? Your responses are appreciated.
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I moved this to the health forum so everyone would read it.
Okay, I am not trying to sound mean...so please dont take this the wrong way..
Has your vet done any kind of testing on the cat. A drop in weight like that and the urinating and such indicates a real medical problem. Has the vet done any bloodwork to look at his #'s? Has he been tested for a urinary tract infection? Please, If your vet has not taken any of these steps before recomending the behavior drugs, seek out another vet!! Please let me know what has been done to find the problem.
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Hi Sandy,
My cat has seen 2 different vets at different offices. There's been blood work run on him 3 times. The second time his liver enzymes came up high and they put him on an antibiotic for a month. Blood was run again and it was fine. Normal temperatures each visit. No crystals. I've asked about diabetes and cancer and the vets don't believe there's a problem there because of the normal blood results. I thought maybe he had tapeworm or something and the vet put him through 2 weeks of deworming - no effect. If I want to have 3 x-rays and 1 ultrasound run for $$$ they will check to see if his intestines are inflamed - due to food alergies? I'm thinking that yes -there must be something medically wrong with him - but the vets don't seem to think that there is anything major aside from possible food alergy. As far as the urinating goes -there are 4 litter boxes available to him as well (with one other cat). Boxes are cleaned each day. He does not act sick - plays like a kitten. However, I am truly at wits end and cannot live with a cat that is destroying my home. I'm looking for some real explanation and remedy.
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If all the tests have been done, then yes it may be a food allergy, which yes a switch to a prescription diet may help. I just saw this first hand with a cat who would throw up all day and had very runny stool, she even lost a whole lot of weight. After 4 days of the new food, she was a new cat. Allegies can also cause depression and litter box problems. I would ask the vet about a prescripton diet, I know IVD makes a pea and rabbit food and some vets use a hills product.
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Dear Jenna,
I just read this thread and I didn't see anything regarding an update. I hope I'm not being obtrusive, but that was so peculiar and I was wondering how your cat is now and did you finally get any answers? I hope so... I really would feel so lost at something so perplexing.
God Bless You & Yours
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Thanks for your concern on my cat's health. Yes, his condition is perplexing. For the past few weeks I changed his food to Iams rice/lamb - it seemed to have helped his digestion - reducing his vomiting to maybe once a week. However, neither of my cats care to eat (or they just don't love it like before) the latest bag of Iams - which makes me think that Iams has changed recipies. The cats will eat other food....I'm going to try the vet's suggestion of Hills diet. I've been told by regular medical doctors that if my cat has food alergies - it very easily could result in the behavioral problems that he has exhibited. What bothers me is that I still don't have a reason as to why he gained such an extreme amount of weight and then lost it so quickly. Maybe a third vet will have some other answers. Anyway - at this point my cat seems to be "maintaining" ...and hopefully I'll figure out how to make healthy again.

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Dear Jenna,
Wow, that's really good that he's doing much better on that food. As far as that weight gain...who knows...maybe he had some issues?....j/k
I have been talking to a couple of people that been experiencing extremely high vet bills lately...my suggestion to you is that you may want to take out some insurance on your little kitty. I have some sites here if you would like to check into them further. The rates are very reasonable considering the alternative! All vets, from my understanding, accept this insurance...Good Luck Sweetie..It's good to hear that he's doing much better. I pray that he continues on a very healthy road to recovery.
God Bless You & Yours,

http://www.healthy-pets.co.uk *serves the US also
If you get stuck....just search the web "pet insurance" you'll find this is extremely popular! I had no idea!
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I am happy to hear the food switch has helped. The vet I work for also likes the hills line. Whenever a cat does not feel well, or is stressed about something it can drasticly affect their behavoir. I wonder if maybe because of the food or the allergies, he didnt have a lot of water retention? Keep us updated on the progress!!
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