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Hi All,

It will be one year next week that we took in Roxy, a stray with megaesophagus. She has not been sick since February, though the infection
she got back then did leave her deaf. One of her ears does not drain properly and we have to clean it out once a week. We also give her cisapride which is supposed to help her esophagus in getting food to her stomach. She is small for her size, but she runs and plays and loves sitting on our lap getting her tummy rubbed. Unfortunately, due to her weakened immune system the vet has advised against spaying her until she gains some more weight. Obviously, she does not go outdoors. Please feel free to email me if your cat/kitten has megaesophagus. I know every case is different and even our vet can't believe we have been able to get her to thrive but we are one of the success stories!