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Found a kitty!!

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As I was leaving for work this morning I lock up my door and as I am walking to my car I hear meowing. I was a little confused because I knew Eb and Lilly hadn't followed me outside so I turn around and find a kitty on our neighbors steps calling my attention.

This cat is the most friendly thing I swear! As so as I turned around she ran down the steps and started rubbing against my legs. I tried to get her in our garage to feed her but she was scared by the noise so I stopped opening and closing the door. Instead she walked right up to our front door and tried coming inside when I went in to get it food!!!

Well I couldn't leave this poor thing outside after it had rained all night. Her paws were all wet and she wanted indoors. I looked around for any sign our our neighbors and no one was around so I carried the cat inside and put her in our basement bathroom with food, water, and litter.

After some further inspection I believe this cat is a girl She has a jeweled collar with no tag, she a gorgeous brown tabby with green eyes, and she is declawed (which shocks me even more that she was outside!!!) She obviously belongs to someone so I believe Brendan and I are going to try to post fliers around later to try and find her home. If we don't hear from anyone in the next 24 - 48 hours however we'll prolly take her to a vet to see if she's microchipped. I am trying to decide how to make her the most comfortable without setting Ebony and Lilly off the deep end.

Wish me luck in finding her owners. If we don't find them I may convince Brendan to let us hang on to her. But I am getting ahead of myself. I am sure a family somewhere is missing her very much.

I'll try to get some pics up later.
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awww good luck finder her home!
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I would hope that someone who went to all the trouble of a pretty collar and to go so far as declawing her would be missing her. Good luck finding her family! She's lucky someone as sweet and caring as you crossed her path!
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I hope that her family finds you soon, if it is meant to be! Thank you for being such a good kitty-guardian angel for her. So many people would've just waited to see if she was still around when they got home, before taking the time to resuce her. It sounds like she's a cared-for cat; she must've gotten out by mistake. I'm glad that you found her sooner than later; when I found Sandie, my Himmie, she was literally on her last legs (she could only walk on 3) and she was dehydrated & near death - some cats really have no clue as to how to survive in the harsh world outside.
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i am about to head off to work so i have to make this short but I am so angry right now I decided to knock on my neighbors door since we really don't know them very well to see if the cat was theirs. Fortunately it did belong to them but their reaction was basically, "oh she just gets out some times, but she always comes back". I am sorry, but I feel it is very wrong to be letting your declawed cat just wanted around outside, AND in our area, it is very dangerous to let your animals out unsupervied. She really shouldn't be letting that cat out at all unharnessed.

Anyways, "Kitty" has gone back to her owners. But some people seriously need owner training and supervision. I wish I had it in me to give them a lecture but I don't feel its my place.
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how frustrating for you - I dont understand some people... but one good thing is, now your aware of this family and how they are treating kitty and you can keep an eye out for her.
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