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Please Help...RE: Problems with my pregnant cat

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Hi all,

I am a new member here and found your site in a search. I am having a problem, I think, and hope someone can help!

We have a cat who is pregnant. She went into labor about 27 hours ago and 1 hour later she had A kitten, who seems to be doing fine. That was last night @ 6pm EST. It is now 9:45pm EST the next night and she hasn't had her other kittens yet. We know there are still more inside and she has been pushing on and off this whole time. Is this normal? What can we do, if anything?

We called the emergency vet and they said to bring her in, but it'll cost a minimum of $180 and we don't have anywhere near that laying around They don't accept payment plans and we don't know what else to do...Any and all advice is welcome, thank you.

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Hi Belinda,

I moved your post to the health/nutrition thread where it will get the kind of attention it deserves. some of our most knowledgable members don't get to the lounge as frequently.

I know that someone is going to be able to help you with mama kitty.

hang in there!
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Thank you so much for helping me and moving it to the correct board...I do hope I find some answers
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just spoke to someone very knowledgable, and they will be posting some suggestions in a few.

hang in there!
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This is not normal, most mom cats will have given birth by this time. There could be several things wrong right now, there could be a really big kitten stuck in the birth canal, or a kitten could of entered the wrong way. You really need to get this cat to a vet, because not only is she in distress but so are the kittens that remain inside. I understand that there is a money issue, but could you call your regular vet and have him meet you after hours and then he could bill you? I cannot stress again how important it is for this momcat to be seen as quickly as possible!
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My "regular" vet just moved about a week ago...we were just left to find a new one on our own. I've called everyone in the phone book..the ones that answered or had a machine couldn't be of any help

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I just emailed you- you should get it hopefully soon
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Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, generally speaking a cat should NOT be in labor more than 24 hours to deliver all of her kittens, now there are exceptions to that and those are rare.

It also depends on wether it is just labor and HARD labor. Moms should NOT be in hard labor more than 4 hours between kittens.

You need to get her to a vet and fast, but the likelyhood of the rest of the kittens being okay, is pretty slim. If you don't get her to a vet, then you could potentially be putting the mommy cat's life in danger as well.

I know what its like to have that kind of bill staring you in the face, but something has to be done as nature isn't doing it on it's own.

Please let us know how this works out...I know we all hope it works out okay!!!!

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Belinda has taken the cat in to the emergency vet, and she said to pass on that she will post an update as soon as she can when she returns. I am hoping for the best for momcat here.
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I hope things turn out well also.

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Oh no the poor kitty!! Belinda please let us know ASAP how things turn out
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I got so worried about the poor mother cat while I was reading this thread! I am really interested in how this turns out too!
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What's the news? I hope all is well with mom and the rest of the babies!
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Hi all,

First of all thank you so much for your kind replies and all your prayers. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to update...I realized when I got home at 3am that I didn't bookmark this site and it's taken me this long to find it again...lol.

Ok, now for the update...We took mama to the vet and half way there she started pushing again and we checked her. She had a kitten half way out. We got her to the vet and they rushed her to the back. They helped her get the kitten out. He was already gone It looks like he was too big and got lodged in there and died As soon as they got him out the other one was born bright eyed and healthy about 10 minutes later!

So, we now have 2 pure white kittens and a healthy mama! Thanks so much for everything!!!!

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that is the best news I've heard all day!

thanks for the update!

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But I am so thankful that the other kittens and mama were okay! What a relief. I went to bed last night with a knot on my stomach worrying about your kitty. Give her a big hug for me, and thanks for the update!
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Wonderful news!
But it's too bad one little kitten didn't make it!
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Belinda ~ I am thankful that your mom and two kittens are doing well and will be happy and healthy. My thoughts also go out to you about the loss of the second kit.
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Belinda that's great news! So sorry to hear about the one little kitten though. That's life I guess, got to take the good with the bad. Now you have to decide whether you're going to keep them or find homes (I'd take another one but my parents would evict me and I'm a little far away anyway) :angel2:
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I am really glad to hear that your moma cat and the two kittens are going to be okay! And welcome to the site, by the way!
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