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I try to catch and release, but if it's a fly that just absolutely refuses to get caught or refuses to fly in the direction of the open door and/or is giving me multiple heart attacks (like it swoops down close to my face again and again), then I either get out the fly swatter or I let the cats get it, whichever shows up first. I feel bad that Buffy and Willow get at it, but on the other hand, they're getting the mental stimulation that they don't usually get. It's nice to see the wild animal in them during those times.

If it's a moth, I don't bother, I just let Buffy and Willow get them. If the moth is by a door, I'll let it outside, but if it's somewhere else, I'll let Buffy get it. Moths freak me out too much, so I can't even take a giant glass and trap it inside it. It's the way it flutters as it flies... Ugh. But anything larger than a mosquito doesn't get swatted, including flies. I just can't stand seeing the blood-goo on the walls. You dont' see it (not much anyway) with mosquitoes and smaller insects. I hate to swat spiders too, if they're the size of daddy longlegs. If it's a smaller one, I'll try to take it outside, but Buffy and Willow (mostly Buffy) will probably get to it first. I don't take no chances with spiders, they tend to hide and disappear really quick. Once Willow was playing with one who was on my ceiling, and it fell down into a corner and I didn't see it again for a week (so I hated sleeping in my room for a week), until I saw it coming down the wall in the basement just under my room. I think there was a hole it went into that let it come downstairs.
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Well...bugs fall into three categories...non-icky, icky, and scary. Non-icky bugs, like butterflies or moths or ladybugs or lightning bugs I catch and release.

As for the others, I strongly prefer for hubby to deal with them. I think that was part of our wedding love, honor, and handle all things icky and scary. If it wasn't spoken, it was certainly implied.

But, if I HAVE to deal with them myself...icky bugs, like spiders or roaches or earwigs or those big flying beetles that are all over the place this year get squished or flushed. (I just HATE that crunchy thing the beetles do when squished...better to catch them and flush them.) Scary bugs, like bees or wasps (I'm allergic to them, so they're really scary) I trap in a window or a room until they die or someone more capable than I (like hubby) arrives to deal with them.
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Originally Posted by Tari
Well...bugs fall into three categories...non-icky, icky, and scary.
I like those categories.
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I just usually give them to Felice she thinks they are very tastey
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Mostly live and let live. Which includes relying on the kitties for a lot of the bug control. We don't get many indoors, and they do seem to deal with them. We don't get roaches -- for which I am truly grateful, for I think I would have to be more pro-active on that score.

We do get wasps, and they can be a nuisance, but we've found traps that are quite effective, and use nothing more than sweetened water for the bait. I won't use bug sprays. Seeing the effects of Raid on an insect is the stuff of nightmares for me. It probably isn't pleasant for the wasp to drown in the sweetened water, either, but at least it's a "natural hazard", so to speak, and one the insect can, in fact, escape -- the insect has to get lucky, and it doesn't happen often, but the fact that it can somehow makes it feel better.
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I'll squash a roach in a minute, with much screaming involved.
Killing flies is a challenge, because they are so fast. But usually I leave them to Mini.
Big spiders have to die, I'm sorry..we get some big ones here, so far none in this apartment. Big scream factor..calls for the 6 foot phonebook toss. But I leave the little ones alone.
Moths usually have to go, too. They get around the lights & drive Mini crazy. If she doesn't get them, I will, just to save things from being broken.
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Until they start spaying and neutering bugs I'll remain a squisher, a swatter and a stomper!

I am prejudiced though. Spiders, ladybugs, crickets, grasshoppers, are okay.
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Tigger is great with bugs... she sees them before I know they are even there. Then she lets out a little meow so I come see what she's doing. Then she promptly kills and eats it. Exceptions are ladybugs, which I take outside, or bees & wasps, which I kill because I don't want them to sting Tigger if she tries to catch them.
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To be honest...I'm a squisher of spiders, silverfish & bugs that scare me or give me the creeps.
Moths & other flying bugs...I release.
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Originally Posted by squirtle
I didn't answer because it all depends.... Crickets, moths, rolly pollys, beetles, and anything that doesn't "look" mean or gross I will catch and release. But spiders, or roaches, or other scary looking bugs get squashed!
Yep, same for me! I'm very superficial when it comes to bugs I guess!
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I'm a squisher
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Ooooohhh can't bear creepy crawlies, but absolutely can not kill anything, ever. I don't even pick flowers (lol). Am very pathetic about things like that and if I ever kill something accidentally I am racked with guilt for AGES afterwards!!

I wish I could not be so hypocritical and stop eating meat, though. But I love it too much to give it up...
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i feel sad for bugs, so if i acedentaly hurt one i squish it all the way to put it out of its misery. i try not to kill them otherwise, except some mosquitoes, cuz those are hard to catch.
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Spiders, flies, mosquitoes, and any tiny flying insect that wont leave me alone get squished.

Sometimes if the insect is interesting enough, I will catch it and look at it for a while (cought a five inch long moth once, twas cool)

I realy dont have the heart to squish the larger bugs, so if its a cockroach or something, it gets rescued.

Of course.. I never actually.. TOUCH any of them. Once I went for a walk outside at night, and I was wearing a black shirt. My side itched so I scratched it and I touched something, and there was this big old black bug (probably a june bug) and It had bit me! I freaked out and shook my shirt and when it fell off I stomped on it and screamed for liek five minutes. I do not like to touch them. eww. No. I do not like bugs. Grasshoppers and worms are ok. Nothing else touches my bare hands. (not even my lizards grubby wormy little food, because they can latch on and bite, yuck!)

And it absolutely makes me want to THROW UP when people kill flies and mosquitoes with thier bare hands. I mean, I can understand if a mosquito bit you and you are slapping out of instinct, but when its flying in front of you (or a fly) and people bring their hands together and squish it, or slap it against a wall, it makes me want to barf. I could never do that. I would have to scrub my hands in scalding hot water for like eternity with a whole bottle of soap and I still wouldnt feel clean.
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i'll leave spiders alone (i haven't met a venomous one yet) but stuff like BIG ants, cockroaches, anything on the large side i can't identify, mosquitos and flies i kill. usually i catch and release moths and things of that nature unless the cats get to them first
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All hail spiders! Spiders eat bugs, so they are left to roam free, unless they are particularly juicy looking and thus skeeve me out--in which case they go outside--or they are poisonous, in which case they meet their maker.

Flies and roaches are nasty. They die. DIE DIE DIE!!! Ants also have to die, mainly because they are so persistent. If they would just listen to reason, I would let them live ... Wasps and bees go outside if I can get them out peacefully; otherwise: RIP, o stinging ones.

Everything else gets freed.
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We dont really get that many bugs inside - I figure outside the house it is their domain, and I never squish, except for mosquitos in my face! I feel quite bad sometimes when I accidentally step on the large snails that live along my walking path.

If any bugs do venture inside the house, it really depends on what kind of bug... I try to catch and release, or let them leave of their own accord, but I have been known to squish if they wont come quietly... This especially applies to wasps
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I had a spider in my office a few weeks ago, and asked one of my large male coworkers to kill it for me. He actually caught it by its leg (or legs?) between his fingers, then pretended to eat it. But he actually carried it outside and let it go.

I don't know why, but I love when big tough guys are actually softies underneath. I do have a new respect for this coworker! (Even though I am a squisher!)
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SPLAT! They are nothing but, guts to me! Hope
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I said squish them but I'm not the one that does it. Bugs freak me out
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My hubby is a Pest controll guy so I have him squish them. They freak me out!! But I do like ladybugs and butterflys. I think they are cute and they don't bite. But if the bite or look scary, What out!!
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total squisher..except for the obvious, i.e. butterflies..lady bugs..but i dont see much of those anyway.

earwigs..little spiderys, or just weirdddd looking thing. freaking SQQQQUASH!!!
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Originally Posted by BigOrangeMenace
Sometimes if the insect is interesting enough, I will catch it and look at it for a while (cought a five inch long moth once, twas cool)
Sometimes I'll do that, too. Some of them are pretty colorful.
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I hunt black widow spiders & tally my kills! I had a near-fatal bite & wow! it was an awful experience - and I'm a veteran of abcessed teeth; kidney infections & bleeding;I do natural childbirth, etc., so I don't think I'm exaggerating when I emphasize AWFUL (violent convulsions, the feeling of drowning, loss of continence, exruciating muscle contractions in the calves & stomach; pain, pain,pain - blacking out was such a relief!)....Other bugs, including benevolent spiders are spared! Scorpions and vinegaroons that escape the cats are also squished.
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