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Do you think they remember?

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My house is being sold, so I have to move. I brought out the boxes yesterday and started packing. Pepper and Scooter started acting up almost immediately, more than the usual curiousity about boxes and paper. I fussed at them at first, then I remembered, both of them had been abandoned. They must have seen boxes and stuff before their former humans left them behind and took their mommies. Do you think they remember? Both were just tiny kits at the time. I am doing my best to reasure them and give them extra treats and pets. I have let them explore and play in the boxes. Any suggestions to help my guys not be afraid? Fred and Pearl barely lifted their heads, they have moved several times with me. Fred has been as far as Kansas City with me, then back to Augusta, and all the moving around in between. He is such a trooper, and seems to be trying to help Scooter and Pepper. He snuggled down with both of them in a big box last night, and bathed both of them. He made funny little squeaky noises, like he was talking to them. It was sooo sweet, I just hope it helps my poor, scared babies.
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I don't know if they remember - but I'm sure that they know something out of the ordinary is up. I'm thinking treats and play time and other good things happening will help.

Good luck with the move.
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im pretty sure cats remember,barnabys a rescue cat and hes terrified of carrier bags,and rubbish bags,think he was dumped in one when he was no longer little and cute.the other 2 are fine with bags will play with them,but barnaby freaks out.
i think your doing the right thing jusy leave the boxes out and let them explore them at thier own pace.
and good luck with the move.
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My RB kitty Butch sure did, he would get very stressed until the boxes were gone and the move over with. Good luck and best wishes for your coming move.
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We went out house hunting today. We saw a few things, but I thnk we are going to butt heads over it. He likes this house that I HATE.
When we got home today, Scooter was so upset, he did not even hear us come in. I picked him up and he was SOBBING. I have never heard such a pitiful sound in my life. He quieted down as soon as I picked him up and held him. Pepper was standing over him whinig like she wanted to do something, but could not console him. Poor baby, I hope he will be ok, and not too freaked out to be his sweet little self any more after the move and settling in.
Thanks for the good wishes, I really, really, really hate moving!!!!!
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You just keep loving on them and reassure them and they will come thru ok.

There is no doubt in my mind that cats remember things.
Roofus and Lukey went through 3 other homes in about 3 years before I adopted them and each time they were given up on they went back to the same shelter. After I had had them for a year and a half I decided to take thenm into the shelter with me for the day. They came totally unglued. I had never seen anything like it before. They just cowered in the carrier crying. Needless to say I never made that mistake again but it just never occured to me that they would be that traumatized.
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Every time I do a major closet clean-out or the like and have a couple of big trash bags ready for the dumpster, my Sarah gets very antsy and upset.

I think she might have memories of a time when she was abandoned (I rescued her from a snowbank during a series of major snowstorms in 2003).

She is also afraid of men. When my plumber (someone whom I've known for years) came up to fix a leaky faucet, she ran into a closet and didn't come out for three hours. I took her into work last week after my air conditioning died, temps outside and in were in the high 90's (fans didn't help), and she was showing signs of heat exhaustion. When my boss moved toward her, she almost pulled herself out of her harness and cowered in the back of her carrier.

I think Sarah really does have some unpleasant memories...
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Oh yeah, some cats can definitely remember.

Sounds like you are trying to do the right things to reassure them, though. Good luck!
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all 3 of my guys are rescues...they don't like moving much...but are usually ok...raven and nabu have moved with me so much they are (relatively) used to it. but last year was stimpy's first move with us (we lived in the same place the first 2 years we had him). he didn't handle it well.

he hates carriers...doesn't travel well in them at all. he was left at the shelter door in a carrier, in the winter. he also TOTALLY freaks out at brooms (although he's getting a bit better). my mom thinks someone probably did something to him with a broom.

raven and nabu have been with us since 1998, so they have definitely settled in and life is good. nabu still has issues with little kids because of his previous home. stimpy seemed to get into the swing of things after we moved. you could almost see his sigh of relief when we just ended up at another apartment.
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i think they remember. chloe was abused as a baby. she is afraid of men with deep voices, anyone wearing boots, beer/glass bottles, and a few other things.
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