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Kitties new toy - Laser pointer !

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My boyfriend bought a laser pointer this weekend and oh my god, I've never seen anything like it, the cats go mad over it !! even Dee who isn't interested in toys

I've never seen a cat panting before lol ! poor Kiki was tired out but still wanted to play ! she was looking for it even when I'd turned it off !

If anyone wants to get a toy for their cat, I'd really recommend one, even for the most laziest of cats !
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That is a staple toy in my house, everyone loves it (exept Cali).
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I bought one of these at the weekend too, fantastic!
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They're soo funny aren't they ! it was like having remote control cats ! everywhere it went they followed ! it's the best cat toy ever !
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Lucas also loves his laser pointer, he gets in full attack mode with it!!
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What's best is that I can completely tire them out with it! Going to try it at 10pm tonight to see if it can let me get a good nights sleep after!
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My kitties love that, too! In fact, I didn't think they would, since they never bothered with the flashlight beam. After getting the laser, they love playing with the flashlight beam as well. Also, any reflections that moves on the wall. But, the laser pen is still tops with them. What we'll do sometimes with it, is move the laser light onto something that it can "hide" behind, ex: the curtains, just as the light goes "behind" the curtains, turn off the laser. My cats will sit there waiting for it to come back out!!! The other best thing is watching them when they think they "caught" the light. They'll try to scoop it off the wall just like it's a bug.
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You can't see the red dot from the laser pen but heres my two after it

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I got one a while ago, and while Willow didn't care for it, Buffy did. Soon, whenever I pulled it out, Buffy would get all excited and would wait for me to turn it on. Unfortunately the batteries have since died, and I haven't gotten around to getting new ones.
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Our cats will stare at the point of light, but unless they're already in a playful mood they won't chase it. Oh well. Sometimes they seem more interested in the laser pen in our hand than in the point of light being cast!
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my parents sent my husband a laser level for his birthday in february. the only use we've had for it so far is playing with the cats. they have learned to recognize the sound of it being turned on and go crazy. if we try to use it with them every day or a few times a day every day they get bored with it, but if they haven't seen a lot of it for a while they'll be tearing around the apartment after the little red dot
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