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integrating blog into my webpage

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integrating blog into my webpage

hello, i'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this but anyway, i've seen a lot of sites with blogs integrated into them without having the the default "blog look". i would like to use my customized template.

i cant seem to find out how this works. i dont want to have to link visitors to my blog page... i just want to have my blog posts directly on my main page ... that i would be able to update blog at blogger.com as usual and have my blog on my main page on my own server updated also.

i already put the codes on my site but it still doesn't work.

am i making sense? i hope so....can someone please help me with this? thank you so much!
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I'm sorry....I would love to help you, but I don't know anything about that kind of stuff. But I know there are several very knowledgeable people here who can probably help you out!
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Hi KittyAngel

I have my own site, but I haven't integrated blog on it as yet. It's pretty cool, but I guess it's just not what I'm into right now. It seems if you have your FTP in tact, I don't see why you can't just use that without a problem, but if you're trying to have it on both your webpage and blogger.com I would think all you would have to do is put a certain code stating the paths you want your new posts to appear. (If I'm reading you correctly)
Perhaps you could find the information at Blogger.com or even at GUIForums...I'm a member there and I've learned quite a bit with them unfortunately, I'm unable to help you with this one.

Try GUI, or take it to the Forum Discussion on Blogger, that's probably your best bet.

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on behalf of all us non-techno wizards I'll ask. What the H,E,hockeysticks is BLOG?????
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Thank You, KittyFoot. I, too am uneducated; about computers, so this is "gibberish" to me. . . .
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Blog: Short for weblog...it's how some folks just communicate through uploading updates/communications with others or just as a daily log for themselves. You can use it on your own site with an FTP client or you can go through other webs that offer blog. It's kinda new, it's fun, but I haven't incorporated it as yet. I hope I'm making sense, but www.blogger.com will definitely do a better job than I can.

There's so many sites that offer tutorials on web design. I really enjoy it and it's quite a challenge. It's amazing the work that goes into a webpage!

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You can PM me and I can help you out.

Do you already have your own "template" made up?
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Thank you everyone.

illusionyes, i already have my template. okay i'll PM you. thanks
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You can chack out my OLD OLD blog, here:

That is, if Geocities didn't already delete my account like i asked them to
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Haven't gotten your PM yet, but i have to log off and fix dinner.

Email me at only_dreaming@hotmail.com with the following info:

What webspace provider you use (ie Geocities, Envy, Tripod, your own domain, etc)
Do you use an html editor like Frontpage or Dreamweaver?
Is it possible to send a .txt or html file of the page you want the blogger on via attachment?

I'll be back later on this evening!
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KittyFoot and TLK
My son is a computer wiz, and he is always using hi-tech language (words like blog) around the house, I've gotten really used hearing to the terminology!!!! I can understand some of the things he talks about, but not all of them.
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