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Originally Posted by BigOrangeMenace
I've got one word for you Fwan


with a capital SCARY FREAK!!!

O_O I dont know about anyone else. But if I am in a group of people and my mom asks, hey Cassy, could you get me a water? Uusally anyone else who wants something pipes in O_O

Ok I guess maybe to have the BEST manners maybe it would be polite just to ask "anyone else want something?" but still that lady's reaction was waaaay over the top.

What she should have done was say "Oh hey, can we have some too? In fact, I'll come in and help you!"

of course... from what we know about this woman just from this post, you probably should run away screaming if she ever says that. And make sure she doesnt have a knife.

*edit* Oh, she wasnt even outside with you and your friend and her daughter???? What what does she expect! I mean... if my mom were outgardening and said "hey, could ya bring me a bottle of water?" and I came outside and the neighborhood was standing around her saying "Hey, where's our water eh?" I would be like. .... "um..... sure..." and run away screaming.


I walk away.. screaming in my head hahahaha
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Originally Posted by fwan
aw tricia, i dont live in frankfurt anymore i moved back in january to Witten (which is next to bochum and dortmund)
The international school costed far too much, but i will look into what you teach, maybe they have one here in dortmund.
My second language is italian so i should be fine?
Dortmund will definitely have a good train connection to Stuttgart, so I'm always around as a last resort (though not this month - I'll be in the U.S. from August 4th to September 5th). All I can really suggest is that you tell youself that you're dealing with a very immature woman who likes to play "games", and that it isn't worthwhile getting upset about her weird actions. She sounds very jealous.
It's very important that you finish your schooling. If you plan on staying in Germany, it probably doesn't matter whether you have the "Abitur", or "Mittlere Reife" plus some sort of vocational training. Speaking both English and Italian should give you a big advantage in today's global market.
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