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Tennessee rescue "Angel Wings" shut down

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Sorry that this news is old, but I just received a message about in in another forum. It is so sad; those poor cats, living in such awful conditions. When I see their faces, and read the stories of their rescues, I feel so badly for them; I wonder why their original owners surrendered them in the first place. If only AngelWings could have done the job right - what a burden on the other Tennesse rescue groups...so sad, all the way around.
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Yes we know about this first-hand One of the moderators had sent a rescued cat there. I believe the cat is still "missing"
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OH NO!! I was looking at the kitties in the "LOST" section of the article and I am haunted by the whole situation- when I come home from errands today, I plan to light a candle & devote some time praying for answers regarding the missing ones & for open hearts/good homes for the rescued ones. I am still stunned - I just assumed that rescue groups would be more closely monitored, by Animal Control & that the public would see the animals regularly! I feel so ignorant,now. I also hope that this incident will not harm the amount of donations sent to reputable rescues. And there were dogs & ponies needing rescue from AW facilities, too!! I thank God daily that there are wonderful people like you who really do help the animals! Awful stories like this make me TRIPLE-THANKFUL that you & all the other wonderful rescuers/fosters are here on this earth making it a better place for so many precious lives! God Bless You! Susan
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How sad!! One wonders how someone who seemingly was at one time well intentioned became so negligent of the cats. I am happy the Board was able to step in but what a sad story!! I was especially moved by the pictures of the ill cats - and that lonely looking Siamese. (I wonder how one would adpopt one of the cats if not in Tn?)
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I noticed that the shelter in GA that gets the military pets is willing to ship out of state, if the adopter pays for shipping & container. It's scary for the animals, to be sure. I hope that the shelter gets at least some reliable references; there are some situations worse than being PTS. Maybe the new rescue in TN would be willing to work something out, just to place a cat in a good home.
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YUCK! Unfortunately I did volounteer work for a local rescue that referred this rescue and they felt (and still feel) horrible about it.
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I read this a wee while ago back on the site.
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If I adopted a kitty from a shelter from some distance away, I would go there myself to get the cat. I cannot imagine putting any of those poor kitties thru a cargo trip!!!
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