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Here's a riddle for ya!

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What did kids have 11 of in the 1940's and only have 3 today?????

any guesses? I heard it over the radio this morning and was amazed at the answer- which I will supply later on
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morals??? :LOL: I don't know...that's a good one!
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Years until they reached puberty?????

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Ken, that's a good one, too! :LOL:
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Number of personal friends?
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Siblings? or immediate family members?
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Role Models or Mentors ?
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cavities- I would of thought that back in the 40's before the popularity of sweetened colas and stuff, cavities would be less, but not according to this strange question of the day
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:laughing2 I was going to say "BRAIN CELLS"
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I never would have thought the answer was cavities!!!!

Someone once told me that back in the 1930's and 40's people used to brush their teeth with baking soda and water instead of toothpaste.

Is this actually true???
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If I had gotten to this thread early enough, I would have said cavities....honest! I read somewhere that we can attribute the fact that our children today have less cavities to fluoride. It is in most drinking water, and the dentist gives regular fluoride treatments to kids. When I taught school the school nurse came in regularly....once a week, I think...to give the kids fluoride treatments.
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Yes - and before that they used animal (pig I think) hair brush bristles to brush with ! Glad we are born now!
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During my childhood our family used Dr. Lyon's Tooth Powder. It had been around in one form or another since at least as far back as 1866. I recall we'd mix it with some sort of pumice. The advertisement shown below dates from about 1913, but the product's container had gone through at least one subsequent design change prior to my being aware of dental hygiene.


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