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A Strange Predicament- I need some advice!!

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Ok, so my move has been finalized! Yay!

One problem: My lease here expires Sept 1. My new lease starts Oct. 1.

My current roommate's partner is moving in in my place. They told me they'd be happy to let me stay for that month. The problem is, they plan on having regular parties and whatnot, they're toh smokers, etc. We have a screendoor and a backporch and I am SO PARANOID that my babies will get out. Also, my roommate isn't the brightest crayon and neither is her partner or her friends. I have the option of keeping them in a variety of more secure places, such as my future mother-in-law's place or my parents' house. Both places, they would be with people who would care for them very well, I could visit them on weekends, and they would be safe and secure and with trusting people. Other options include crating them when I know there is a party and confining them to my bedroom when I am not home, but then, I also run the risk of them being let out.

If my babies get out, they would almost certainly run into danger...I live on a busy street in a busy neighborhood smack in the middle of Chicago. There are kamikazee cabs, dogfighters looking for bait, rats and strays carrying disease and a rash of pet theft. Plus, they are indoor only and I don't know if they'd know how to get home.

Am I just being way too worried, or is it reasonable to subject them to the extra stress where they will be safer? Both kitties are easy-going and both tend to adjust pretty quickly to new places as far as I can tell, but I wouldn't want them to be upset. I have one kitten and one younger adult (age 4).

What would you guys do in this situation?
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As it is only temporary I would opt for safety - otherwise you will never know a moment's peace of mind and something is almost bound to happen, given the circumstances you describe. If the kits will be safer at another place, take them there, especially if htey already know the people etc. I get scared enough here when my room mates and their friends let mine out at night, whether deliberately or by accident, and here it is as safe as anywhere near a city can be.
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While there would be stress going to a new place, it sounds like the safe places would be calmer in the long run. The parties are also going to stress them as well as your constant worry that someone won't be paying attention and let them out. Being in the crate with all of that noise isn't going to help any. Also, cigarette smoke is not good for them since researchers have recently made a discovery which links the effects of second hand cigarette smoke to cats developing feline lymphoma, a deadly cancerous condition of the lymphatic system.

I would locate them elsewhere.

Good luck.
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