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Kittens and Puppy

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I am a siamese breeder and I have a litter of 8 week old siamese kittens and three adults. Last week my family got an 8 week old labrador retriver puppy. The mother of the kittens freaks out every time she sees the puppy, all of the kittens get scared too. I am afraid that Sarah will hurt the puppy. My other two adults are a little timid of it, but they do not get very big and start hissing, growling and attacking it.
I introduced the puppy just like all of the books say. I put the puppy in the cage and then let the cats into the room I thought that the situation would get better in time, but it has been a week and a half. Right now we keep them in seperate rooms.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make them like (or just tolerate) one another?
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This might come across as being tart, and please, it isn't meant that way at all ... but ...

Why did you introduce a new puppy into a household where there existed a queen who was raising a litter and did you not expect her to be protective of her kits?

In answer to your question ... give it more time.
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I think maybe you should use a different room for the dog,because the mom cat will do everything in there power to protect her little ones....It will take time for the mom cat to adapt to the puppy,but not right now....She has alot to worry about while there is a new puppy around....does the other cats bother with the kittens?
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Meeting a new puppy is very stressful in itself, let alone having a litter to protect as well.

Give it more time, and keep the puppy in another room.
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At the time that we mated Sarah we had no intention of getting a puppy. My brother had been bugging my parents about it forever and finally they gave in. I want the kittens to be well socialized to dogs. I want them to be ready in case there is a dog in their new homes. I did expect Sarah to be very protective, but not to the point of causing the dog harm.
I know that you are right and they just need time. I am more concerned about the kittens being socialized. They are very nasty to the dog also. They see their mother freaking out and they get very big and hiss and growl.
Should I make the kittens spend some time with the puppy (in a safe supervised environment) or should I keep them apart for the next four weeks?
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Is the dog trained at all? If so then IMO it would be okay to let him spend some supervised time with the babies away from momma. Just make sure they don't get too stressed, at 8 weeks i'm sure they will freak out some.

My situation is different as Missy was comfortable with my dog, and the babies have been climing all over him since they were old enough to walk. Now at 12 weeks they even groom him.

I can understand you wanting the babies to be comfortable around the dog. And i'm sure someone will come along and totally disagree with me so weigh each opinion and make up your mind with the kitties best interest at heart.
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Well, I guess I am gonna be that person ... LOL

I think you have made a mistake adding this pet to your home at this time, but since it is done, you can only make the best of it.

While I certainly understand wanting the kittens to be dog-friendly, there is a correct way of introducing them to dogs and it doesn't help you at all that Momma ~isn't~ already dog-friendly. Kittens learn from Momma. If Momma is freaking out, so will the kittens and you have totally defeated the purpose. Much better to introduce Momma to dogs and get her totally comfortable with them BEFORE allowing her to raise a litter. If she is dog-friendly, then she will teach her kittens to be so as well.

IMO, it would be sheer cruelty to confine Momma while allowing the kittens to interact with this puppy - she will be absolutely FRANTIC until she can again see, smell and groom them each a thousand times to make certain they are all alright.

Separate Momma and kittens away from puppy and try reintroducing Momma once the babies are gone off to their new homes and BEFORE allowing her to become pregnant again. That is the only way this is going to work IMO.

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