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Meal separation advice

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I need to start separating my two at meal time. The fat one isn't loosing, and in fact seems to still be gaining. He is over 14 lbs and is just turning 1 year (tomorrow in fact,) and the other is around 9 lbs and a year in September.

Between the two they have been getting 1 - 5.5 oz can of canned (nutro max cat) per day, and 1/2 cup Innova dry and I've started to mix it with Evo. That's between the two of them. Occasionally I give them an extra tablespoon of dry food. I'm trying to get away from the carb foods, and there are lower carb canned foods than the nutro also.

I want Mr. Lucius, the fat one, on only Evo and the canned (he doesn't like the canned) and Miss Cissa can stick to the mix (or only Innova.)

How long should I keep them separated for meals? They both are actually nibblers, so it's possible it can take an hour to finish a meal. I'd probably have to set up an extra litter box in the other room.

I'm going to feel guilty, someone is going to be alone. Maybe I can alternate the meals in the other room.

What worked for you? I hate feeling like I'm depriving them. I want Lucius to be around 12 lbs, that's what the vet said is a good weight. I'm also trying the higher quality food vs. the lower quality diet food full of junk. But after a few months if this doesn't work we'll try something else.
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I would seperate them, and give them 30-45 minutes per meal, they will learn to eat within the time frame that you give them
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I also wanted to say that he did have a full blood workup and is a healthy cat, no problems. The vet wanted him on high quality food since he wasn't a year old yet.
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The evo will likely cause wt lose quick... and the separtaing them is a great idea...
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So far, no go...

They both had a few nibbles, then each sat on their side of the door trying to play with the other, or you'd hear a little whine.

Lucius looked like he was waiting to share with Cissa.

Like I said, neither are pigs. They don't gobble up their food and run.

He wasn't about to eat while worrying about his sister.
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I don't think you need to set up another litter box in the room. Unless your cat has a urinary tract problem, they'll be all right. In fact, you DON'T want a litter box too close to the food, anyway....cats don't like that.
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Coaster - you said on another thread that one of your cats is a glutton. So what exactly do you do as far as feeding. Maybe I'm just too much of a softy.

The second litterbox is just that, a second one for 2 cats. I had 3 set up early on but they both only used one, so I went down to the one. If the second one isn't used after a week, away it will go. I rather clean 1 messy box than deal with 3.

I'm terribly frustrated by the whole food thing and really don't know how to do it without feeling bad.

Tomorrow I will try again, and stick Lucius (the fatty) in the separate room. We'll consider this next week a trial period.
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Annette - I feed all three in separate rooms at fixed mealtimes. It's quite a production!! You're right, it's frustrating sometimes, but don't feel bad. Just do the best you can in the circumstances you find yourself.
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