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Hello new member here

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Just found thi site smurfing and WoW it's awesome.
My name is Catlady8,I have 8 beautiful cats ranging from 9 yrs. to 3 yrs.
Just wanted to stop in and say Hello and let you know this to me is a great place.
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Welcome to TCS.

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Welcome to TCS!

Glad you found us!, see you on the forums
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Thank you very much for the warm welcome. I have never found a place dedicated soley to cats. Having 8 of them,well this place just warms my heart.
Thanx again
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Hello and welcome to the whole furr family
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!
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I hope this is the right place and thread to tell you a little about myself and my babies.
I have always loved cats as long as I can remember.My Mother says I can tame the feralist of them. My first baby was Nuisance,she was half Persian/Angora,my parents got her for me as a gift from the pound.She was with me for almost 18 yrs.I come from a family who loves cats so when my Dad adopted a Mom who had babies he gave me 1,her name was Taffy(she passed 6 yrs ago).I adopted a Mom who I gave a home to inside my shed and she gave me 7 babies.While delivering them she got tired with #4,so I called our vet and he talked me through on how to get the baby out,needless to say we kept #4 Hisser.On Mothers Day 1997 I saw this little orange ball of fur running around my side yard and desperately tried catching it,I did,his name is Barnaby,then in 98' my eldest brings home this very small baby who's cord had fallen off in his hand,we bottle fed that guy,helped him go potty,by the time the vet could see us he said Kirby was about 2-3 wks old.He is now 7 and weighs about 20-22 lbs.In 1999 I had been feeding this Mom who was about to deliver,she had the babies in a friends shed,then brought them to my house,at 5 wks, she was taking them from my roof when 1 got stuck on a branch and she scampered off,I ask my husband to get the kitten,he did,her name is Rama.At the same time that Mom had hers another cat I was feeding gave birth 1 week later,she must have had alot because she gave me one,I guess she couldn't feed them all.She put the baby under a chair I had in the driveway,we found him,his name is Gonzo,a whooping 20 lbs now.We wre getting ready to sell our home and I desperately wanted to bring Ramas brother with us,but he was a real spitter of a kitten,he fell in the air conditioning unit ontop of the roof and my eldest reached in with a towel and brought him out,his name is Mr.Spitz.We moved to OC and Taffy took ill,she passed 2 months after we moved,that Halloween my brother found a cute little bundle gave it to my Dad who called me and said,Come over you have to see him,I did and not knowing my husband brought a cat carrier with us,I fell in love with the little guy,his name is Gizmo.Then justa few years ago here in our new home,I heard the crying of a baby,had to go search but found nothing,came in and my cats were staring at something on my patio,well there was this little ball of grey and white fur the most precious thing you would ever see,well that is #8 our Precious.
This is why I am called Catlady8,I have a real fondness for cats of all kinds.My folks think I was a cat in a different life. I will be taking on 2 more when my Mother passes,I promised my Dad before he passed last year that I would,they are only 3 and need a good home.They are special cats,they both have 6 toes on each paw.
I hope this isn't way to long but when it comes to my babies I can go on forever.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hello and welcome!!!

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Nice to meet you! Welcome to the site!
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All I can say to someone who loves cats as much as you is....

Welcome To TCS!! You're going to love it here!!

Warning: This site is highly addictive!
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Welcome to TCS

WOW!!! look at you!!! you are going to LOVE it here - I can tell already!! what a wonderful person you are - looking after all this kitties oh bless your heart!! I wish there were more people out there like you!

I look forward to getting to know you better

welcome again from me and my boys
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Heed that warning, this site is highly addictive! I love it here, too! Welcome!
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