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My cat just peed on the floor...she was lying on the floor then I noticed the yellow looking stuff come out.about a half a tablespoon full...do you think it is time for labour?...I will be checking bk for replies very soon......
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so to say this but pee is yellow.

its nothing to worry about unless is semi soild

i think she not getting to kitty tray in time
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Well I am a frist timmer...lol....but I think it surprise her that she did it because she ran into her nesting area after she did it and started licking herself...well cleaning herself...she has a hard time reaching for her bum now...lol
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it could be she thought you were gonna tell her off if she licks that area lot thats a sign too
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HAHA!!!...I am pretty patience with cats...but over the years all my other cats were spayed......Man I feel stupid sometimes when it comes to pregnant cats...lol....semi solid...what color??
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my cats waters broke and it was liquid just like water but a funny colour
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devilgirl...what color was the funny looking color??
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It is a greenish color
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the first time i couldnt tell cuz it was on my chair in the lounge the little minx, but the second time it seemed greenish
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what u r describing might be her discharge mine had it and it was a yellow/greeny colour they can have that upto 2 wks b4 they actualy give birth
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I am bringing her to the vet tomorrow to get her checked...she is so hugh.she is still doing all her things she did before...running,eating everything.......lol..I just can't wait to see her babies....
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