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We brought home Cymone about 2 weeks ago. She has adjusted wonderfully, and is very well behaved. Sunshine who was hissing, spitting, and growling at first has learned to tolerate her now. We did the slow introductions, supervised playtimes together, etc. They have not fought at all, and Sunshine basically just ignores her all together.

Will they ever playtogether?? Right now, they can be in the same room, they even can be close without fighting, but as soon as Cymone goes to move to sniff Sunshine, Sunshine immediately hisses and runs off. I've seen them touch noses as if to smell each other, but within 2 or 3 seconds Sunshine gets spooked and runs off.

I feel bad, because Cymone really wants to play I think, but is being totally ignored by Sunshine. Any ideas on how to get them to play and keep each other occupied?? That was the whole reason we got her in the first place!! Sunshine amazingly doesn't mind the sharing of food and litter boxes. She doesn't seem to mind her at all, but doesn't want to play or interact with her. I am getting a bit flustered at trying to integrate them.

Both are spayed, about 1.5 years old, and are not declawed.
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Honestly, its just going to take some time. 2 weeks is so short in the life of a cat. Sunshine is letting her know where her boundries are. Once she feels comfortable with Cymone and Cymone respects her boundries, they should get along great. You can work with them and play with them both at the same time offering them both treats and lots of love.
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True Sandie, I've found when I play with the new members with my family of kitties it seems to loosen tension between them and it seems they notice that they're all having fun and less threatened.
Hang in there Daniela, they'll come around before you know it
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