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Cat being treated but still blood in urine.

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My cat, Henry began peeing in other parts of the house and was much more vocal than usual. I took Henry to the vet on the 27th and they did a Urinalysis and Radiograph and found a lot of bacteria in his bladder. The vet put him on Clavamox saying it was a bladder infection. The vet said his bladder was very small when she examined him.
He hasn't been drinking or peeing much until today. He's been in and out of is litterbox all day today. He went pee outside twice and I noticed alot of blood in his urine. Is this normal?
Would increasing his water intake help? He'll more readily drink from an open faucet.
He's very active and alert but that blood worries me. I plan to call the vet in the morning but until then I need some insight please.

Thanks, Jess
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Jess...I am not an expert about this but I would get Henry back to your vet ASAP. Also, I would not let him outside. Please keep us informed.
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What are you feeding this cat?
My cat had similar problem, and is now on Waltham's So. It made a big difference for him so far.
Also, I give him cosequin ( I got it from a vet) in his wet food. My cat also had blood in his urine. You have to watch the cat to make sure he can pee. If he can't, then he is block and that's an emergency.
But it does sound like clavamox isn't helping your cat, so, he would need to go back to a vet.
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He will definitely benefit from drinking more water and getting more liquid through his food. One thing you can do is mix a little extra water in his wet food.

His urine needs to be dilute, otherwise it will really hurt him. The blood is often caused just from straining in the litterbox.

If he's producing urine then it's not a medical emergency but it would be good to make a vet appointment for him as soon as possible.
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I would agree that as long as he is able to urinate, you could wait until Monday morning, but if he's crying, straining in (or out) of the box with only a drop or two of bloody urine, I'd get to an emergency vet with him.

Sounds like the clavamox hasn't done much for him yet, and by now, one would hope it would be helping. The blood can be from the infection, or additional issues such as cystitis, or crystals in the urine (though they should have seen those when they checked the urine sample).

I wish your kitty all the best - do try and get him to drink a lot tonight (and get him to eat something)...try plain chicken broth (cooked with no onions or garlic), the running water faucet, his favorite canned food with warm water mixed in to make it nice and juicey.
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