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Who needs cat trees

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Kaos loves to climb the door and then he climbs right back down. I find this really amusing because people who are "anti" munchkin seem to think they are hampered or deformed. He seems like a regular cat to me..LOL
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Love the picture and love the fact that Babe is at the bottom in case Kaos falls. BTW, my mom has the same door on the office and I've seen cats do it all the time but always get a laugh out of it, especially the munchies.

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Look at their eyes glow!

I'm sure it's the flash, but things like this convince me more than ever that cats may actually be aliens. Hmmm . . .
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How funny! Is that your bathroom? That is a cool idea ...... better than keeping the doors shut all the time!
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Tigger, we are in the "cattery"/office and Kaos was in the hallway, Thats my bedroom right across, so it makes it nice that I can check on any mom's or kittens I may have in there.
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When we moved into our apartment there was a floor to ceiling post in our dining roo that the cats thought was put there especially for them. We tried everything to keep them from climbing it, because we didn`t wnat to have to replace it when we leave. After 3 years of water pistols, tin cans,aluminum foil,bitter apple, and frayed nerves we finally got the idea to carpet the post. We carpeted it from floor to ceiling. At first the cats were cautious...they looked at us before they climbed it as if to say...."is this a trick?" Now it is their favorite thing in the world, gives them more exercise, saves on the furniture,not to mention our nerves. When we move out we will just have to fill in the nail holes , repaint it and it will be as good as new.
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Is that a cat? It looks more like a flying squirrel! Cute picture Sandie!
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What a hoot! We have a log home and Little Red climbs the walls now and then.
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He does look like a flying squirrel! What a cute picture.

Betty, that is a great idea! I wish I had something like that for my cats to play on.

Deb, I love log homes. I would love to live in one someday. I think they are absolutey beautiful. Beats anything manufactured in my opinion.
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Great pic Sandie! :laughing2 My kitties (well, all kitties) seem to love heights. I've been sick and haven't been able to finish my kitty condo, but I hope to finish soon.

By the way, nice shower curtain!!!

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What an absolutely adorable picture, Sandie!!!! What a cute cat!
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Great picture Sandie, I can see how he must live up to his name, and what a couple of cuties your munchkins are. We have a set of wicker shelves which Sophie loves to climb. I too have tried everything to keep her from doing it, water spray bottle, taped down plastic, and nothing works. I think she's won yet again :LOL:
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Isn't it funny what they train us to let them do!! Out of the 12 cats, they all like to climb the cat tree and be up high, but he seems to be the only one who likes to climb that door. Hubby and I are both so sucked in by Kaos's cuteness, that its hard to tell him no to anything!
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The picture is so adorable! I just love it!
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The cat is so adorable! What a cute picture.
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That is so cute!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha.... what a cool picture!!! I wish I was quick enough to catch some good shots like that!! (by the time I've grabbed my camara they're all "asleep" looking innocent..... leave me thinking maybe I imagined it!! ha ha ha ha)
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This is my little flying squirrel when he's not climbing doors
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I'm not real familiar with Munchkins. On the door she looked like she had a regular-sized cat body with short legs - kind of a feline dauschaund I guess - but on the chair she looks tiny all over. Do you have a photo of her standing? Maybe near a piece of furniture so I can get a sense of her size? Just curious. Plus, of course, I love to see those kitty pictures!
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Well, Munchkins are really just domestic cats with short legs. They are similar to the Dauchunds but they don't have any back problems. The average Munchkin is usually beteen 5 and 7 pounds at most. When he was on the door, he was all stretched out. I am putting a link to some pics of him and his brother. You can see them from when they were born. Kaos and Petey are throuout the entire thread. He is only 5 months old right now, so he will get a little bigger. You can also go to the cat pages and put in Munchkins and all the Munchkins I have will come up along with a few others. I absolutley adore them!!!
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Awwwww Sandie!! They are sooooo goegeous!!! I've wanted a Munchkin forever, but alas there aren't any breeders in the UK!!!! WAAAAAhaaaaaaaaaaa I want one!!! Im sure you want to send me a couple don't ya Sandie.... go'on... just pop 'em in a jiffy bag to me...... :laughing:
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I never saw those pics...OMG...they are soooooo adorable! Kitty sammich's!

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LOL Bod...if there weren't a quarantine, I probably would. You know, I should ask the geneticist I know if she knows of any breeders in the UK.
Someone came into the clinic today and asked me if they can run, jump and play like a normal cat. HA...she should see the pics.
Cat...I am telling you...Kaos sometimes runs when I have that look in my eye. He just knows I am going to chase him down and smother him with kisses...LOL
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Ooooooo would you Sandie??!!!! Thanks a billion!! (Now you've got my hopes up.... you better deliver!!! OR ELSE!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha :laughing: )
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Yeah, or else she'll come over here and smother you and them with kisses! hahaha!

I know that look and so do my cats Sandie! That's hysterical too!!
It's so fun to know there's other crazy's on here! hahaha!


Oh, and I know that those kitties can jump and do everything my cats do, I don't know if you saw my post, but since my dufus statement...hahaha...I've met three munchkins and they're without a doubt the cutest babies! haha They can run fast too!!!
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Bod, wanted to let you know I am on the case, I have a few requests in to get some answers for ya. As soon as I hear back, I will let ya know
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I absolutely loved that pic!:tounge2: What an adorable kitty you have! Thank you for sharing it!
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Thanks Sandie!! You're an !!
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