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Cat Cold

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My cat spent the night at the vet last week because he was dehydrated due to an intestinal infection. While there he picked up a cold. Now he is sneezing constantly and seems extremely miserable. I was paranoid he'd get pneumonia so I took him to the emergency vet yesterday. Nothing in his lungs, and we caught it early so that is good.

SHe gave me an antibiotic that he takes once every three days (Zithromax, .5 cc each dose) and something to help with the discomfort from sneezing that he takes twice a day (1/2 4mg tablet of chlorpheniramine). Unfortunately, the antibiotic didn't seem to do anything and the chlorpheniramine only lasts for around 4 hours. I am really worried about this cat but I don't want to be overreactive.

Could I ask for something stronger? Is there anything I could get for him that could help prevent pneumonia or other complications?? Thanks.
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You might be able to relieve your kitty's symptoms with some humidity therapy. Put the cat in a bathroom with a closed door, run the shower on full hot for five minutes to fill the room with steam, and let the cat breathe the steam for 15 minutes. I'd suggest being in the room, at least until your cat is used to it, because the noise of the shower running is scary to a cat. Do this twice a day.
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