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bottle to bowl trouble

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I rescued 2 kittens at 3 weeks old, they are now almost 5 weeks. Both boys. One will now eat on his own but the other will not try at all. Will not lick off finger refuses the bowl completely. Any ideas would really be appreciated. I have a family that would like to take both when they are potty trained, which both are doing great at and when they are eating regular food. Please help. The one on the bottle also has ringworm which I am treating through the vet could that have anything to do with it at all. The meds seem to be okay but he has been on them almost 5 days and it doesnt seem to have done a whole lot yet. The other one is switching food well but has the runs the vet said it probably was from the food change. It is slowly getting better, he is just a sweet heart. The one with the bottle problem also always sucks on the other one, I keep them separated except for play time but he still does it and she pees all over everything and just lays there when he does, any ideas for this would be helpful also.

Thanks in advance.
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Hello, Cindy! Thank you for rescuing AND placing those 2 precious little lives. For extra info. from experienced rescuers, I recommend that you send PMs to Hissy & to Pat&Alix. Also, you might check out the old posts in the BottleBabies sub-forum. There's also a site called www.kitten-rescue.com that offers great advice. For the ringworm prob., I'd check out www.animed.org - it's the ASPCA's website. From my own experience, I have found that littermates can develop at different rates ( I suppose it's because they can have different fathers, since cats & dogs ovulate AFTER mating). Your little guy needs extra suckling for some reason, and if you give it to him now, it can help avoid probs. later on, including certain habits such as sucking on blankets, your hair or earlobes, etc. When my little guys had the runs from the wet food, my vet had me switch them to chicken broth (homemade) blended with rice & unflavored Pedialyte, then to chicken & rice. Also, if you're keeping the one kitten separated, be sure that he's getting to spend time with you or an older child or other member of the family so that instead of developing anxiety, he's getting socialization. Riding on the shoulder & learning to ride in the pocket of a carpenter's apron are a couple of ways that I've carried around my little ones. It sounds like spoiling them, but my bottle babies have turned out very outgoing & confident; they all have been taught to ride well in cars & are generally very social. Please give us updates when you can & please pass on any tips that you find! Prayers & good vibes are being sent your way! Take Care, Susan
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