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Hello everyone, perhaps you guys can offer me some advice.
My husband & I recently bought a new house. We moved our 2 cats in from our apartment into the new house and they transitioned fine. 1 week later, we got a dog! The dog is 7 years old and really calm. Once in a while she'll come up and sniff the cats but thats all. Our oldest Cat, Tony, we thought would be fine with the dog. He's been around dogs before. But Tony has taken it hard. I think it's the lack of attention he's getting because of the new dog (indoor dog). But anyway, Tony has now decided that he's not going to poop in the litter box that is in our basement. He poops all over the floor in the basement outside of the laundry room (where the boxes are) but not in the laundry room floor or in the litter box. Luckily, the basement carpet is a lovely brown color and the poop can be cleaned up easily. But it is getting to be a pain going down in the basement and having to clean up 3-6 little piles of poop each day! One day, my father was visiting and he walked down into the basement and caught tony in the act.... As he yelled at him, Tony went into the litter box and pooped there. That makes me believe he's doing this because he is unhappy. You can even see little claw marks around the poop on the carpet, as if he's trying to cover it like if he was in a litter box. I dont know what to do. Tony is 8 years old and other than the pooping, he's a great cat. Our other cat who is only 3 gets along fine with the new dog and house and we've noticed no difference.
We've always had 2 litter boxs and keep them clean. I'm wondering, should we get a 3rd? We are going to try to keep the dog outside more and see if Tony is ok with that. He doesn't poop upstairs but the poop is starting to advance outward from the laundry room door. It use to be a few piles right in front of the door but now he's going further out into the basement!

Please please, anybody have any advice!!!!

Thank you so much in advance!

2cats1dog from Michigan