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Horror Story

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Today a co-worker told me a terrible story. When she took her cat to the vet to be neutered....the vet also DECLAWED him. The whole thing was a accident....but I just can`t imagine such an accident happening with any reputable vet.I don`t know what I would have done if I had entrusted one of my precious babies to the care of what I thought was a vetrinary professional and found that he had done such damage to him.
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If this were me, poor poor kitty. I wouldn't pay the bill and I would give the vet a big piece of my mind and report him to the state. That is what I would do.
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someone is woefully negligent in that office if they accidentally did any kind of surgery that you didn't request. Next time they will accidentally neuter someone's cat who is a breeder, and then there will be a lawsuit. I would not only speak to the vet, I would also contact whatever the vet version of the AMA is and lodge a formal complaint, before getting a new vet. I know an animal does not legally have the same rights as a human so there would be no compensation for pain and suffering, but I wonder if the owner could sue for property damage? Esp. if there are personality changes, since pet ownership is about your relationship with the animal. I'm really steamed by this!
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I would refuse to pay the bill and report the vet to the state also, and I would file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I would never again do business with that clinic.

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Sounds like a case for Judge Judy! I would be suing that sob, and reporting him to every agency that might possibly take a piece of him!
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I've been thinking about this and trying to put myself in this persons shoes, and I can't even begin to imagine how it feels, or what I would do. There's no doubt I would do something, but I don't know what. Contact a lawyer, check with other respected vets, file a grievance with whoever monitors what the vets do. Oh, ya and NEVER go back there again.

The whole thing is so sad.
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Is it malpractice? Can vets have malpractice filed against them?
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I read that story and I honestly just want to cry. I can't put myself in your friend's shoes ~ it hurts too much. I tried to imagine how I would feel if I picked Spawn up from the vet's (not mine, she doesn't declaw!) and this had happened; just the thought alone brings tears of rage and heartbreak to my eyes.

I would definately contact a lawyer. I would sue. I might not win (actually I honestly think I would, but even so...) but I'd sure get the publicity out to the rest of the public. You never know, a new law may be born out of it. If nothing else EVERYONE would know what happened. I'd call the local newspaper, also, just for good measure. (Hey, there might be a cat loving lawyer out there that would take the case free of charge!)
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Jin, I agree totally! Jerk!!!!

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Oh my gosh!! I would have been so mad! That poor cat!!!!! And your co-worker must have felt so awful! I certainly hope she didn't pay for any of it!!!!! I hope she turns this vet into the state!!!!
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If I were that person I would be furious and make someone pay for the tragic mistake! I just hope it was not the vet I go to (seeing as you're from CT). The damage has been done and unfortunately, the cat has been traumatized both physically and emotionally. I pray the cat doesn't develope behavioral or litterbox problems.

What a horrible story.
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I can't believe that a vet would do something like that! I hope that he gets a serious punishment so that this will NEVER happen again. I hope that your co-worker didn't pay for anything! I sure wouldn't.
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