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Outside the box..sometimes

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Hi everyone !!

I am need of a little bit of help. I have two cats. One is 9 years old and the other is a new kitten who is 5 months old. I have set up two litter boxes. Side by side in my spare room. I basically just added one box to where the other box already was after this problem started. I was thinking maybe two boxes would help.

The problem or issue is that the kitten sometimes poops outside the box. He does not do this all the tiem by any means. He will go days or even weeks and not do it. Then do it for a few days or more.

The boxes are scooped everyday. I use Feline Pine in the boxes.

I have tried the following and none have worked..... Adding a second box. Adding some regular clumping litter to one of the boxes. I tried scrubbing the area of the floor he likes with detergent and then spraying with bitter apple. I have tried putting down newspaper. I have tried telling him "no" but I think he just laughs or is thinking "hey gotta go man".

Also neither cat covers their poop. My older cat used to but doesn't now.

Any ideas or suggestions? Last vet visit was healthy for both cats and was within the last few months for the kitten and six months for the adult.

Thanks and have a great day !!

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Is it possible that the poop is getting stuck to him and then falling off later? If so, a trim of the hair near his rear may help. Also, my cat had an issue this morning where a piece was stuck to his butt because he had ingested one of my long hairs. Poor guy was freaked out. I don't know that there is anything that can be done to prevent that (unless I want to shave my head).
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Add a third box- ditch the feline pine and use regular clay litter unscented.
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Originally Posted by hissy
Add a third box- ditch the feline pine and use regular clay litter unscented.
I agree. My cat hated feline pine. I bought some now that is supposed to be clamping feline pine, I am going to try it next.
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The poop is definately not stuck as it is a pile. Good suggestion though if it was stuck.

I really hate to add a third box. Maybe I will just make one feline pine and one regular litter. I switched from regular litter before we got the kitten though. I did it because of tracking all around the house.

Any litter recommendations to avoid the tracking? With feline pine there is not tracking and pretty much no smell either.

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I read that not covering poop is the cats way of saying this is my territory.

Also I believe the rule of thumb is one box per cat, plus one so I would definatly add a third box
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