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New to this site

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Hi everyone!

I'm Kim from Australia, and I have two cats now. Here are some pics:

This is Kami, she is four years old: We adpoted her when she was 10 weeks old.

This is Trinity. She has three legs, I found her on Monday (six days ago). No-one had reported her lost anywhere, so we kept her. If you can help with socialisation of a new cat, please read my other post here

I found Trinity without a foot and a badly damaged leg. It had to be amputated and she is recovering well. She is a lovely cat, and must have belonged to someone at some stage, I'd say. But, who knows.. she was malnourished and apparently the leg was an old injury. Either way, no-one claimed her, and did not report her missing - she did not have a microchip or a collar, so we have no idea who's she was.

My cat Kami is my baby, and I have so many photos of her it is not funny! If anyone wants to see more, she is quite the poser, so I have many. Trinity was not keen on the camera.
Actually, here is my favourite photo of Kami:

I hope that I learn a lot from everyone here!
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Welcome to TCS Kim. I'm from NZ!
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Hi! I went to NZ back in high school for a ski trip. We stayed in Methven, it was really fun! I haven't been back, but it was really pretty. Australia is great too, you should visit if you haven't already. (Especially my part of the world... North Queensland, right up near the beautiful Great Barrier Reef).
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Hello and welcome...Your cat's look so happy..
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Hello and welcome!!
Your babies are beautiful!!!

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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome! Your furkids are just darling! I hope you enjoy the site!
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I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do! Welcome.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!

You have beautiful babies!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!
your furkitts are soooo beautifuls!
See you on the forums!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!! Thanks for sharing photos of your beautiful furfamily!
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a bit belated I know but...

Welcome to TCS from another Aussie

your 3 kitties are adorable and I can guarentee that we would all love to see loads of pictures of them all - maybe start their own special thread in the fur pictures forum

bless you for rescuing Trinty what an amazing thing you have done there - thankyou from us all

I hope the socialisation is going okay - I will go and check out that thread and see if I can offer any help.

looking forward to getting to know you better - always good to have more Aussies on board
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Hi to everyone and thanks for the welcome!

Huggles, I only have two cats (Kami and Trinity) but I put two pics of Kami up. Decided to put my fave pic up as well. I have about 100 (or more!) photos of her - it was too hard to pick just one.

Trinity is going fine so far, she is absolutely happy and healthy. I'd appreciate anyone's prayers for her recovery though, amputation seems like it can be a tad risky. It's been 10 days since the operation now. I am hoping it goes well and she recovers because she is a wonderful cat.

Thanks again!
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Do keep us updated on how she gets on, she's a gorgeous looking girl!

Oh, and welcome to TCS
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