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job title slave to 2 cats and 4 kittens

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Hi all My name is Kathi im a new member. I have 2 cats Landon is a lynx point who is 2 yrs old and 29lbs wow time for a diet Landon Kendall is a 1 yr old tortie. Landon and Kendall are like night and day... Landon is so not a lap cat he enjoys being looked at from a far When we got Landon he had been abanned and didnt have much of a chance in life. We took landon to a vet to see if he could be saved they weighed him and he weighted a mere 13oz at 8 weeks of age. The vet we took him to sent him home with us and said he hrs to a few days to live.Be I told my kids that he will survive and i will make sure of that.With in 1 week landon gained 3 lbs and at the age of 11 weeks landon was healthy enough to be fixed today landon has no effects of being ill and having a rough start on life We got Kendall mae in May of last yr She is such a good cat.She seems to know when Im having a rough day She will climb on my lap and lick my tears away ( I lost my 11yr old brother 1 yr ago due to a drunk driver) Love bug (kendall) gave birth on july 25th to 4 beautiful kittens.She is such a Great Mom she is at every beck and call to her lil ones and still find times to give me lovin As soon as i get pics of landon Kendall and our babies i will be sure to post them for everyones pleasure
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Welcome to TCS, can't wait to see that bigole boy I love big cats, I have a beautiful, sweet big boy named Dunkin who weighs 16.5 lbs and he's not quit a year old among 4 other cats and 5 rescued little sweet baby girls. Hope you enjoy it here, it's a great place for lots of information If you need any help just give a bigole Meow
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Welcome to TCS Kathi!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS, Kathi, Landon & Kendall Mae! I like your job title - My condolences on the loss of your brother - that is such a horrible tragedy!! ONLY 11, that is just so, so awful!! In 1993,I, too, lost a brother to a drunk driver, but he was mid-40's, but left behind a wonderful wife & 3 kids, 8,5 & 2, and it was so heartwrenching to hear the older boys crying for their daddy. And my 18yo nephew was murdered by a stranger in 1992; to this day, I see his classmates' new babies, and have trouble not wondering what his kids would've been like. My losses happened too close together, and I have to credit my cat JC, my dog Tasha & my mare Tinker for keeping me sane through it all; I think that I was ready to take up drinking or go to the doctor for meds or go crazy, but God sent me all those purrs, licks & nuzzles to comfort me instead. If only I could have had TCS in those days, too...you're gonna love it here. It's addicting, but a GOOD addiction!! See ya in the forums! Susan
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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Good for you saving that little guy and keeping the faith! He's lucky to have found you! God Bless you for the loss of your brother, try to smile once a day just for him! Cant wait to see the pictures!
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Hello and welcome!!!

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Hi Kathi! Welcome to TCS!! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your furfamily!
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Welcome to TCS Kathi, Landon & Kendall

I have no doubt that your going to love it here and I look forward to getting to know you all
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Welcome to TCS!
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