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A beautiful Mind

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dying to see this!

has anyone seen it yet?
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Looks like a good movie. Last movie we saw was Vanilla Sky, and that was weird. Did you see it, and what did you think of it?
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I wanted to see VS, but I was a bit scared off by the conflicting reviews. Deb25 saw it and liked it. She recommends it but I'm so far behind now, and at this point I think I'd rather see a beautiful mind.

Also want to see the royal tennebaums. hearing good things about it.

how's work going by the way?
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VS was different ..... that's all I have to say about it! I cannot wait til the new one with Ben Affleck and Samuel Jackson comes out; John Q, the new one w/ Denzel Washington looks good, too!

Job situation:
I've put in for quite a few within the last week, but haven't heard anything. I know it takes time, but.......still (ya, know what i mean?)
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Ive been wanting to see Vanilla Sky but it hasn't been here yet.

AP,I can't remember what A Beautiful Mind is about, though I know I saw the previews. Cleo...I think those theives stole my mind as well.

Whats the name of that one with Brad Pitt and George Clooney? It looks really good too!!! I want to see it, but can't remember the name, right now.
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Debby, I think you're thinking of Oceans Eleven. I haven't seen it yet either.

Just spoke to a friend of mine and he said that a beautiful mind is the best movie he's seen in 2 years! He said it was incredible. I think we're going to go tomorrow.

It's got Russell Crowe, and it's a true story based on a code cracker who worked for the government, who eventually won a nobel peace prize. He battled delusions and hallucinations.
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Oh yes, it is Oceans Eleven I'm thinking of...thanks.

And now I remember A Beautiful Mind....it does look like a good one, and I love Russel Crowe. I will have to go see that one when it comes here.
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The next movie I want to see is Sam I Am...it stars Sean Penn, who is not one of my favorite actors, but he played this role beautifully!

Its about a mentally challenged father who's fighting for custody of his 6 or 7 year old daughter.
Michelle Pheiffer plays the lawyer.
Much of the cast really are mentally challenged, which adds a lot to the movie...well, from the previews anyway.
The little girl who plays his daughter (Dakota something or other) is amazing, I saw her on Rosie O'Donnel and she's a brilliant little girl, much older than her years.

It looks like a great movie!
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Cleo, I hadn't heard of that one...but it does sound good.
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It is an excellent movie and Russell Crowe was great!

It is the best portrayal of psychosis I've ever seen in a movie. And, it is such an incredible story, especially because it is based on a real person's life.

I give it both thumbs and both big toes up!
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Wow....now I have 4 movies on my list of movies to see! Thanks for the review!
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ooops..someone just corrected me and said the Sean Penn flick is called I am Sam...not Sam I am... Some Moms followed Dr Spock, mine followed Dr. Suess! :laughing2

Sorry guys, it still looks like a great movie!
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mmmmm did someone say Russell Crowe? :laughing2
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I agree

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Without giving the movie away did they say how this person is doing today? Where he is and how he is thriving? I am dying to see this movie.
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He's still alive and doing well. He's in his 70's I think. Would tell more, but don't want to give anything away!
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