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New stray socialisation/introducing help

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Hello everyone. I am new here and I'd really like some help if people can assist me.

I saw a cat run in front of my car on Monday (6 days ago), and noticed it was limping really bad, so I pulled over. It was missing a foot (its hind leg) and so I grabbed it and put it in my car and drove home (luckily it was only about 200m up the road, if that). I took her to the vet and the leg had to be amputated. They checked her for diseases and vaccinated her, desexed her, etc etc and on Wednesday we brought her home. This is where it got a bit messy.... We have a four year old beautiful cat who we have had since she was 10 weeks old. She is a brat and loves us more than normal cats seem to, she adores us. We walked in with the new cat in our arms (who is about 6 - 12 months, the vet could not tell exactly because she is malnourished). That was fine with Kami (our resident cat) because she didn't realise at that stage that she was in fact a cat, she thought that it was a toy or something I think! We let them sniff and when the new cat (Trinity) moved, Kami suddenly realised it was a cat and started to hiss. We put the new cat in a separate bedroom and left her alone. We have sinced tried to let them see each other, but it has not gone well. We have tried about four or so times. We let Trinity have a brief walk around our yard, but Kami thought that wasn not on. When I tried to put Kami inside, she carried on and tried to swipe me (luckily, she knows not to use claws with me). Kami is very confused with this new cat being in our house and hisses and growls. But, she is also very scared, she runs away even through she is about three times the size of Trinity. Trinity is fine with Kami and has only hissed once at Kami and I think it was just because she got a bit scared. She looks like she's been around cats before. Kami, on the other hand, is used to us chasing other cats (of which there are plenty in our neighbourhood) away. She is really confused by it all and very jealous.

I want to keep both (but obviously, Kami, being my little baby, is my top priority here). How can I possibly get them to socialise now? I really don't think Kami hates Trinity, she is just confused and scared, as well as a bit threatened. I have separated them again now, with Kami having the run of the house.

By the way, Trinity only has three legs, Kami is a regular (slightly fat) cat, both are desexed females. Trinity still has her stitches at the moment.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Some pics:

That's Kami

This is Trinity:
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I also wanted to ask how much I should feed the newcomer and when? She is very malnourished (see photo) and we have been feeding her several times a day with fairly small amounts. Is this how we should do it? Whatever we put in front of her, she eats. Thanks again!
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Both cats are very cute. It takes a while sometimes to introduce cats to each other, so, I don't think their behavior is anything out of the ordinary.
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From the experience I've had, the behavior you've described is normal. The adjustment process can take a while, and there will be ups and downs. Give them some time; especially your sweet Trinity...I know that Kami will adjust just fine, as will Trinity. As for food, I free feed my guys - they get all the food they want, and tend to regulate themselves. Trin will probably eat a lot at first, for fear of having to hunt something soon. Let her get used to the food being there, not missing, whenever she's a tad hungry she gets a nibble or two. I did that with Penguin, and she's not developed any food issues whatsoever.

Good luck, and thanks for taking Trinity in, getting her help, and loving her into a better place in her life. And thanks for being concerned about Kami; again, I think that the aggressive behavior is relatively mild and will soon abate, and then they'll be cuddle friends.

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Thanks very much for your help.

I will keep you updated of their progress..... by the way, Trinity left some of her food behind tonight, she'll probably eat it later, so that's good.

Thanks again!

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Well, it has been 10 days since the operation and she is going well so far.

She pulled a couple of the lower stitches out or something, her wound did not heal that well in one area. So unfortunately, a couple more stitches went in and she still has to wear the cone on her head that she hates. It should be right in a week, provided she doesn't try to get at them again.

No real progress with Kami.... although we did have them both in the lounge room and with the exception of a few growls from Kami, they didn't do anything to each other. I am really hoping she will get used to her and at this point I think it should happen.

I will continue to post how she's going, please pray for her, I'd really love for her to recover fully.

Thanks again for all your help,
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Hi Kim and welcome to TCS! What a wonderful thing you've done, taking in Trinity. Below is a link to an article on introducing cats, written by our very own Hissy. Hopefully it will give you some help in getting Kami to accept Trinity.
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Hi and thanks for the link - it was the first thing I read actually (after the unsuccessful meet).

Kami purrs at the smell of Trinity and has been using her blanket for a few days with no dramas. Everything in the house smells like both cats. We brought Trinity home from the vet and Kami was there. We thought, well, she's seen her now, no need to go on like she doesn't exist. Kami got a lot closer and smelled her before hissing a bit. Then she just sat looking at her growling a bit. But, Tirnity was right in front of her, if she wanted to hurt her or attack her, she could have done it really easily (although we were right there to stop that if it happened!!). We put Trinity back in to "her" room, and Kami was extremely happy. She constantly smells me if I have been playing with Trinity and purrs, then smooches. I hope this is a good sign.

We have the bedsheet to take off today (rather furry now) and I'll give that to Kami. We'll see how it gets on.

I really think that it will be successful at this stage (the socialising). We're playing it really slow now and any smelling and positive behaviour is rewarded with food.

When Trinity is completely healed up (probably two weeks away), we'll try the real meeting.

I think more than anything, Kami is jealous, not threatened. She has been unsually affectionate since Trinity has been here and I think time will show her that we have more than enough love for both of them. It will work, I am sure, because Kami often gets annoyed by the excessive amount of cuddles that I give her (such a "Ah, mum...." kind of tone in her voice).

Shall let you know how they get on.

Thanks again,
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Hi again,

Just thought that I would update everyone on the progress.

Trinity and Kami have been sharing the house space for a couple of days and it has been semi-peaceful. Kami is a bit weirded out by it all, but I have caught her trying to play with Trinity at times too. They both slept on our bed last night, without so much as one hiss. There is clearly still some tension, but it looks like we will be able to keep both cats without too much drama at this stage.

As for Trinity, her scar is healing nicely - last set of stitches came out on Friday. She is bounding around as if she never lost a leg.

Shall update again in a few weeks.

Bye now,
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And another success story!!!!!!!! Well done, Kim, and thanks for the updating. It is always great to hear of their healing.

And it does look good - them sleeping on the bed is a very good sign.

YAY for you all!!

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Originally Posted by Kimberlina81
Some pics:

That's Kami

This is Trinity:

Ah she looks so sweet, both of them are Beautiful. And Welcome to TCS
I have found that they will fuss at each other at first, I have a Cat that is about 15 and when I decided to keep 2 of the rescued Cats I got, he wasn't to Happy, and also I have a mommy Cat I rescued and 3 baby females left that are her's no body liked anybody at first, but all is Great now, just give it some time, and be sure and pay the same amout of attention to Kami that she is used to, I also have a very Beautiful girl name Cammie, just spelled differant...Good Luck and I must say what a Wonderful thing you have done for this baby, I hope that little thing is doing wonderful...
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Hi everyone,

Trinity and Kami are both doing great. Trinity is managing so well it is amazing. They get along so well I can hardly believe it. There is still the occassional hiss, but pretty much all of the time they never leave each other's side. One very "catty" person I know, said that his cats (who are mother and daughter) hate each other and he couldn't believe that Kami and Trinity were sleeping next to each other on the varandah.

There is still some adjusting to be done by both the cats (and us), but it's going great so far.

Thanks for all your wishes and I will be sure to put a photo of Trinity up when all her fur has grown back.

Bye and thanks,
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wonderful news
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Just another update on the progress...

Our cats are great now, are even semi "friends" (as much as cats can be!!). Trinity is great, runs around and plays just fine. She is getting better around us (she was a bit jittery at first with pats and things) and is great with Kami.

They both share the couch without hissing, and are pretty much inseparable most of the time. They play together, eat together, sleep together. They hiss occassionally, but only if one (usually Trinity) is going too far (like chasing for the twentieth time in the last fifteen minutes), but there has been no fighting.

Thanks for everyone for their support, it was great learning other people's stories and hearing opinions.

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what a wonderful update - so pleased to hear that they are both getting along so well.

I still think its just wonderful that you brought Trinity into your home - thankyou from all of us - your a wonderful person

thankyou so much for the update - its so good to hear a success story!
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