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A Very Sad Day

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Hello All,
This is my first post. Today I had to give up my cat Molly because a few months ago she started peeing on the carpet and was ruining the carpet. I don't live in the house where my mom lives but I go over there daily and I have grown very attached to the animal. We did everything we could to fix the problem by taking Molly to the vet, to trying every carpet cleaner and repellent on the market. It was a shame that she started doing this at the age of five. I wish that I could had taken her but I can't have pets where I live. We were able to take her back to the non profit organization that adopts out cats at Pet's Mart. I feel like I failed and that cat was my best friend and I feel like I let her down. This has been a rough few days and the thought of not having her hurts. I don't think I will ever be able to own a cat again after this. I just hope Molly finds a good home and that she is happy. Thanks to anyone who read this and I hope some people out there can read and learn from this.
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If you look at the behavior thread, you may find some pointers for help with inappropriate peeing behaviors. It is hard when the cat doesn't live at your house, it doesn't give you much control. But hopefully you will learn from the behavior thread.

It is sad that you lost a cat, and she lost her home. I hope she can be adopted out happily.
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I am sending hugs to you.
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What an awful situation to be in! At least you returned her to the rescue group for a second chance, rather than dumping her off somewhere. I hope that you & your mom can find the courage in your hearts to try again, with another cat, someday soon. There are so many kitties needing caring homes! To reassure yourself, you might heed Beckiboo's advice & research the problem in the Health&Behavior thread. I know that scented litter is often a big, overlooked culprit - scented litters give me asthma, so I'm a little more aware of them than average. But if the scented litters give me problems, you can well imagine how it is on a cat's sensitive nose! The only cat peeing problems I've had have been with cats adopted as older adults. My half-grown & young rescues haven't had that problem (knock on wood), at least not yet. Here's prayers & vibes for a new home for Molly! and for a new feline baby (or two) for your mom & you! Take Care, Susan
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Thank you all for your response. We did try a number of different things with the scented and unscented cat litter to giving her two litter boxes. The main thing was, the carpet was getting ruined. I learned once they pee in one spot they keep going there. The unfortunate thing is, I'm stuck in a lease where no pets are allowed for a year. Otherwise I would had taken her. I just wish I had got a place that had hardwood floors but who can foresee the future? I have emailed and faxed the organization several times and made sure they have all the vet records for the next owners files. I told them if Molly is returned to the organization within a year to contact me and I will gladly take her once I find a place to live where I can keep her. The chances of that happening is pretty slim but there is always hope. For a guy I'm probably the biggest cat fanatic I know of and its hard not knowing where she will end up but I just have to hope for the best. The organization's prime motive is to give animals to good homes and they do screen their applicants from what I understand. Thanks again to all who have responded. -Dave
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thinking of you at this time Dave - I can only imagine how difficult it was to give up your precious Molly
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It is very hard to give up a loved pet, but I'm sure she'll be OK. (((HUGS)))
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Your cat Cedar looks a lot like Molly. In fact very likely the same breed. Its been about 3 weeks now and its getting easier. I still think about Molly a lot and I am praying she finds a good home. I'm going to be optimistic because the organization I gave her to will not put animals to sleep. I appreciate all the responses from everyone.
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Hugs to you!!! That is very tough thing to do - I know I could not, no matter what but if you cannot have kittiesm that is most unfortunate. Any way of hiring an animal behaviourist?
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