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Originally posted by TIPTOP
You have got to be kidding me.........

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What do you mean Ken?? Do you mean that Tiptop said Laws change or what?? I am a bit confused ( blonde )
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Was that my outside voice...

Sorry.. I was typing outloud..

*blonde moment*

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Haven't weighed in here in a bit, but I think I have to side with Daniela. What happened to one guy could have easily been the other way around. The whole situation is a result of what happens when people think that disputes should be resolved by beating the snot out of someone. It isn't like Junta chased Costin down and assaulted him.

As to the issue of someone breaking into your house, I believe that is what they call self defense. I have always heard that if the assailant is at the door when you shoot him, make sure he falls in the house.
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Originally posted by Melissa
Well, the last time I checked.. dying by someone elses hand is still murder If I were to start slamming someones head into concrete you can bet my intent would be to kill that person. I think that if those of us who think he got what he deserved are just being emotional, than the same can be said for the other side.
Well that would be "your" intent...I don't assume that would be anyone's intent unless this man was a vicsious person...Now Costin, yeah, I think he'd have no problem killing someone considering his past.

Like I said before, you'd be singing a different tune if it were you when someone attacked you. Adrenaline is extremely intensified in a fight situation, so don't be so quick to say he "Murdered" anyone. Your saying he went after this guy with the intent to kill, if that was the case than why didn't he get charged with murder? Ask yourself that.
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You mean to say, Cat, that if you were pounding someones head into the concrete, all you would trying to do Is bruise them a bit.... kinda give em a wake up call.... C'mon

The only reason I'd be banging someone's head on concrete is to make sure they couldn't move again, now if that person had just moments before tried to end my life, there's a reasonable expectation that if I didn't stop him, I'd be dead. Without that reasonable expectation, then it would be murder, that is a figurative use of the word murder as I, along with others are not as informed on the catagories that fall within the term Murder.... (It's just easier to say that instead of manslaughter and so forth, plus it's easier to spell)

*big smiles*
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First of all, I would never intend to kill anyone, unless of course they were trying to kill me or someone I love. If I was smashing someone's head against the concrete, I'm sure I'd have a damn good reason for it. People never know what they're going to do when they're in a fight. I've been in a fight once...in New York City. I was attacked. I hate to admit it, but it happened. Ya know what's really strange?.... I couldn't hear a thing...nor remember what happened during the fight. People had to tell me who did what...I just don't remember because of the adrenaline pumping. I was totally amazed at how out of control someone can get and it scared me to death that I could've possibly killed someone too; but I didn't mean to hurt them badly...just bad enough to make them stop. Enough about that....

Costin attacked Junta, not to mention he was kicking him with his skates...To me, I would consider those weapons; those things are sharp...believe what you will, but I will believe that this was NOT murder...I hope we can be nice about this. I really don't want to get into a pissing match with anyone...and win...hahaha! BUMP.

By the way, in all seriousness, we have a difference of opinion, both are hard lined in what we believe...I really don't see either of budging here. If you want to continue to try to see that I see things your way...I doubt that's going to happen...and the same goes for me and I can accept that. Thanks for the verbal volleyball though, it sure kept things interesting.

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yea- what Cat said...
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Didn't your momma ever tell ya "if you don't have anything nice to say..."
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Hey guys and gals, it seems we've all made our individual points on this subject don't ya think??? I think some of us believe that he was handed too stiff a sentence, and others believe he should have fried.

Lets just call a truce and move on, what'dya think??
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