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Food update: still no luck?

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Well, after trying many other different brands, I've fed both my cats Natural Balance Venison and Peas for two weeks now. No improvement. Still lots of diarrhea. In fact, more than before. Joshua has always had digestive problems (diarrhea, gas, vomiting) and Kinah does tend to have soft and very stinky stool. Now Joshua still has diarrhea and Kinah's stools have gone from soft to almost liquid. She also farts a lot (and the smell is just awful)

I know it can take a few weeks to see improvement, so I was willing to keep trying longer... but since in this case things actually got worse (especially for Kinah), should I keep trying with the Natural Balance? Or is it time to try something else? (which would probably be Eukanuba Prescription Low Residue dry)
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humm ... this may be time for a vet formula..
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I agree - time for the prescription, they can get debilitated with liquid stools, and it doesn't help that this is happening with the hot weather too
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When I first brought Dunkin home from the dreaded parking lot he had it to, but he kept having it for about 2 months, I tried every kind of food, but I finally took him to the vet, he told me don't give him any canned food, most of it has ground up junk and bones, I was feeding Science diet kitten then, I had tried Iams, nutro, several kinds.
He put him on antibotics for about 3 weeks gave him an injection for the stomach irritation and some pink stuff like pepto bismol. But he was still begging to eat, so I gave him Gerber baby food, chicken, turkey, veal, he liked it but I don't think it filled him up. So after the vet visit and 3 weeks of meds he was fine, of all things I feed him Meow mix in the pouch and the dry, he now weighs 16.5 lbs and hasen't had any stomach problems , maybe some antibotics will clear it up
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Since both cats are still otherwise healthy, I'm hoping that it is only a matter of finding the right food.

I'll try the Eukanuba prescription diet. I'll give that a few weeks and if it doesn't work I'll go to the vet to find out what's wrong.
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Maybe try giving them Bene-Bac or acidophilus. They might have a gut flora imbalance.
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