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What do you use to groom your cats

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Now with nine in the family I need to find the "BEST" grooming brush
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I like the "Zoom Groom".
You'll find other threads about brushes under "Care and Grooming".
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Zoom Groom is the best.
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My older cat likes to eat my zoom groom, so we use a tiny little slicker brush on him very gently (he is DsomewherebetweenshortandmediumH, so he needs his brushin'). The little one isn't shedding yet, but she really likes the way Zoom Groom feels (it has little massagey ends) so by and large, I too will reccommend the Zoom Groom.
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Zoom groom ... best 7 buck s i have spent on a brush
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another vote for the zoom groom. my cats hated being brushed until i bought that thing.
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Kevlar body suit, leather gloves and face shield (for grooming Spirit).

Zoom groom's are great, and I also follow it up with a metal comb.
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I love Petnurse's reply! My youngest cat Lily (who also happens to be my most loving cat) also happens to be the worst one of my four cats to groom. She absolutely hates it! She usually just growls through the whole thing. She even emptied her anal glands once because she was so upset! The strange thing is I have been brushing her once a week since I adopted her from the shelter (at 10 weeks old), so you would think by now (14 months old) she would be used to it. My easist cat to groom is Maggie, who is an adult long haired Tuxedo cat that I just adopted from the shelter in March of this year. She absolutely loves to be groomed. When I adopted her she was matted so badly around her neck that I had to cut her hair there very short. It's just now growing back in. I use the zoom groom on my short haired cats followed by a metal comb to make sure there's no knots. The zoom groom doesn't work very well on my long haired cat though, so I just use a pin brush followed by a metal comb.
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I have to vote Zoom Groom as well I found out about trough this site, and decided to get it a week ago(wish I got it sooner), and my cat loves it!
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i have an arsenel...zoom groom is the top choice of the kitties

i also have a matt brush, a slicker and a comb
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Thanks I guess the Zoom Groom is the best buy
Although 6 of my cat kids are long haired and three are short haired it sounds like the Z/G is for the short haired cats. I'm buying one in the morning.

Edited : to say I'm sorry I did not post in Grooming (I didn't even see it) I'm still a kitten here and just learning my way around this site
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