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What did I do to deserve this, Meowmy??

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Nala came home this morning after having her spay surgery yesterday. Poor little girl has her belly all shaved and I had to get an e-collar because she wouldn't stop licking and biting at her stitches.

Here she is showing off her shaved belly:

And here she is with her e-collar. She's none to impressed with meowmy at the moment!

She's now snoozing on my bed. Poor girl has had a rough couple of days.

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aww poor little girl...jellie hated her e collar too..and shes gonna hate it even more in a week when she goes in ..
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When Angel was neutered his shaven belly turned completely RED. I called the vet, since Angel obviously was in pain and he said to bring him in or I can pick something up for him.

I opted to bring him in and they sprayed (I don't know what) something on him and the redness went away within one day. It looked awful.

His hair grew back soon after. So you may want to ask your vet what you can put on her belly to make it more comfortable.
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Poor little one! We know it is for the best - however she does not look very pleased! Give her scritches for us.
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Awww! She'll get better. Did the vet give you antibiotics? (I hope!!) YY did not have an e collar but lots of supervision and she was a good girl. And antibiotics make it so much easier and better for the kitty. Preventative medicine. My vet - who holds an exec office in the province's Vet Assn says antibiotics should be always adminstered. Tho i am no vet, I agree with her!!!
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such a sad face kitty!
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Oh Nala, we hope you feel better soon...
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Awwww bless her little heart! She's showing us her little wound

Rosie and Sophie weren't impressed with their collars either
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Awww...Nala it will get better soon!
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Poor little girl... give her hugs!

When holly was recently spayed I made her a collar from a paper plate. The first one I made was about that size but she could sit on her butt, lean back, and still reach her stitches around the thing. Had to make one that came out farther. Keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't pull Holly's stunt!
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awwww Linda - look at her bless her little heart

now someone please tell me - where has Nala come from sorry Linda, I surely do miss a few things dont I? someone must send me an email for these important new additions that I miss
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oh Nala sweetheart, your meowmy just told me how you came to arrive at their house - your going to be so so so so spoilt and your going to love it there!!!! I promise you
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Thanks everyone! She's snoozing away on my bed now. I took the collar off for a little while earlier so she could give herself a bath. When she started pulling at the stitches again, on it went! Poor girl. But she's not too mad at me now, she's given me some luvs and purrs, so all's right with the world!
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I suspect that it's harder on the humans than the cat!

All will be well, Nala, you'll see!
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
I suspect that it's harder on the humans than the cat!
It's harder on some of us. Poor girl, my aunt keeps making fun of her. I'll admit I laughed when I first put it on her, but seeing how sad she looked in it, I felt bad.
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Awwwww..... the poor sweet little girl!
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Ohhh, it is SOOOO much harder on the humans, lol I actually went in to assist with my baby's surgery - I wanted to see how it was done - and I took her home not long after. I took the day off and I was such an overprotective meomy. I swear, if a parent of one of my younger patients acted like that, I'd seriously wonder about them but here I was... lol Mind you, I do like to have a parent in the room when say doing a bone marrow extraction and it helps the child be less stressed and I honestly think my being there made the whole thing less stressful for YY. (and compared to the surgery I do on humans, it was a piece of cake - my vet has it easy with that procedure anyway! There are many others that are tough and since I also work wirh small veins, she has my sympathy!

I am sure your little one is in great hands and you are a good meomy!!
The offer is still open tho - if you want to ever visit the cats only clinic on Quninpool, I;d be happy to drive you, They are so wonderful there!!
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Poor Nala looks like one unhappy camper I hope her recovery goes smoothly. Cosy and Eppie send their warmest purrs and headbutts.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
I suspect that it's harder on the humans than the cat!

I think it is! Poor baby..
When Mini was done, they used some sort of glue.. it was a tiny incision, & seemed to heal fast.
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Nala...we will tell you what our Mommy told us when we had our S&Ns.
"This too shall pass."
We love your tummy.
Dexter & Sadie
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