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Mama Cat

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I had Mama Cat ever since I was 6 years old (I'm 22 now). Recently she passed away and I still miss her so much. She was such a beautiful cat.. had three litters of kittens who all went to good homes. She was an excellent mouser and very playful. She lived a long and very happy life..and she was with me every step of the way. My biggest hope now is that she finds a child in Heaven who will care for her and love her like I did.
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I'm so sorry for your loss I still my my kitty Fluffy as much as I did on the day she passed away. It does get easier with time, just hang onto the good memories you have of Mama Cat. Shes busy playing with all the other cats on the other side of The Bridge, no doubt , and I know you'll see her again someday. My sincere condolences go out to you
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Momma cat sounds like she was a woderful companion.
I am truly sorry for your loss....
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